University of Johannesburg

University of Johannesburg attracts more students by offering a secure, mobile, interactive and collaborative e-learning experience.

  • País: África do Sul
  • Setor: Educação
  • Soluções: Soluções e Dispositivos Conectados, Autonomous Network, Data Center, Comunicações unificadas

The university was formally established in January 2005 and has four campuses spread over Central Gauteng with 49,000 full-time students and 5,800 permanent employees, and is one of the largest residential universities on the African continent.

It’s the value for money and the return on investment. If we look at comparisons, it’s much quicker to return and it’s an investment. I can sweat an asset for maybe 3 to 5 years. I’ve had the benefit of having a stable base to work from without needing to budget for replacements on a much more regular basis. So if times are tough you can sweat it a bit, if money becomes available you can grow it a bit.
Francois Mynhardt, Enterprise Network Manager, University of Johannesburg, South Africa

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