Welcome to our new website! What do you think? We'd love your feedback and suggestions so we can keep improving and better meet your needs. 

You might have noticed that things look a little different around here. We've spent months connecting the dots to bring this site to life.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • The new site's based on new technology with greater capacity and mobile responsiveness
  • We've made it easier to find the information that matters by removing old, outdated pages
  • What remains is simpler, clearer; rewritten and restructured so it's easier to understand
  • Pages are better connected, with clear onward journeys and a fluid browsing experience
  • An updated look and feel, featuring new images and branding for 2017 that reflect ALE's new identity
  • We've moved all our documentation to a new platform, and recategorized it to make it more relevant
  • Pages have better quality metadata, making them more findable by our powerful new search engine 

And we've still got lots more to do:

  • We're continuing to roll out new features and transition tools to the new site
  • We're backfilling useful content like press releases and customer references in all languages
  • You'll shortly start seeing more rich media features, like a photo library, related videos, and video center
  • And of course, we want your feedback to help make our digital experience as good as it can be

It's still business as usual

We're still selling the robust infrastructure components and innovative software solutions that are so popular with ALE customers around the world.

But as the old saying goes, Rome wasn't built in a day. So you might notice some things that aren't working as they should while we find our feet. Please bear with us as we finalize the new site experience for you.  

Got any suggestions for us?

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Al incluir algunos de sus datos personales, se los confía a ALE. Estos datos pueden almacenarse o procesarse en la UE y fuera de la UE. Se le solicitará que brinde su consentimiento nuevamente en 24 meses. El propósito por el cual ALE o sus socios utilizan tales datos es: i) Mantenimiento de bases de datos de clientes y posibles clientes, ii) Transferencia de datos a algunos de los socios de ventas certificados por ALE, iii) Gestión y comunicación de boletines informativos, invitaciones a eventos o seminarios web y envío de información sobre productos, soluciones, promociones y ofertas de ALE. Los destinatarios de dichos datos son los departamentos internos ALE (ventas, marketing, comunicación, IS) y algunos de los subcontratistas de ALE. ALE garantiza la protección pertinente de dichos datos in situ o en tránsito mediante la aplicación de medidas técnicas u organizativas, que incluyen acuerdos de tratamiento de datos con los socios de ALE. Puede actualizar sus preferencias y  derechos de intercambio  de datos accediendo al centro de preferencias.
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