Developer And Solution Partner Resources (DSPP)

Discover how to access our API Hubs (Rainbow, Communications and Networks) and how to download additional technical resources.

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise API Hubs

APIs Hubs, where you’ll find numerous APIs/SDKs and associated documentation.
  • Rainbow Hub
  • Communication Hub
  • Network Hub
Connect people Transform the way they work
Use the Rainbow API Hub to enrich your applications with chat, group chat, voice, video, file-sharing, telephony PBX features and more.
The Rainbow API Hub makes your digital transformation journey easy by providing you APIs, documentation and support that lets you build applications that connect people and transform the way they work.
Connect Devices Improve Telecommunication
We provide you with a rich list of API dedicated to our Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise OmniPCX telecommunications platform.
Spacewalkers - Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Network Community
Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise latest technology, fundamentals, best practices and new products launches sneak peeks on how to leverage ALE solutions to build the next gen networks and embrace digital transformation.


DSPP Leaflet - September2021


Solution sheet for accessories dedicated to Disabled people