La innovación de IoT se está convirtiendo en un facilitador fundamental de los procesos de negocios digitales. A medida que aumenta el número de dispositivos, se ve afectada la seguridad del IoT.

Seguridad de IoT e innovación en la red

El internet de las cosas (IoT) está cambiando nuestras vidas, el mundo en el que vivimos y nuestra forma de hacer negocios.  Ya hay miles de millones de dispositivos IoT conectados, y cada uno de esos dispositivos constituye un punto de entrada para posibles amenazas contra la seguridad en internet, lo que significa que los directores de TI deben ser capaces de descubrir, segmentar y controlar rápidamente los dispositivos.

Descubra fácilmente los dispositivos IoT

Un gran número de dispositivos IoT necesitarán estar conectados constantemente, independientemente de su ubicación, a menudo en condiciones difíciles o peligrosas en exteriores que requieren un equipo resistente con PoE o incluso el soporte de PoE+. Incorporar dispositivos debe ser sencillo. Para simplificar la configuración, Digital Age Network de Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise da acceso a una enorme base de datos de dispositivos (17 millones) para identificar rápidamente el objeto conectado y suministrar automáticamente una configuración asociada a un dispositivo específico.

Identificar un dispositivo IoT es fundamental para determinar los requisitos y políticas de red, como la calidad de servicio, la seguridad y el ancho de banda. Es importante que la TI defina perfiles de dispositivos para garantizar el reconocimiento, la clasificación y la asignación automática de dispositivos a contenedores virtuales.

A Comprehensive Approach to the IoT Challenge

This whitepaper looks at how IoT is transforming enterprises and how ALE Digital Age Networking manages IoT devices
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Digital Age Networking Video: IoT Digital Business

La solución

Internet of Things in industries
Whether in a hospital along a care pathway, in a hotel throughout the guest stay or on a campus supporting student learning, the Internet of Things is always present.


On-board devices along the care pathway

Securely integrate your growing numbers of IoMT devices with safe solutions, so that only known and authorized devices have access to a healthcare network. Thanks to IoT, you’ll also be able to generate interconnectivity within your healthcare teams and patients via alarms and notifications.



IoT in hotels: driver of personalized experiences

In the hospitality industry, the “hotel Internet of Things” experiences an increasing ecosystem of room sensors and automation devices. A smart room that delivers high-speed, high-quality Wi-Fi, with easy-to-use, non-intrusive in-room automation offers a winning formula to provide guests with an unforgettable experience.


Intelligent Campus

Smart but safe campus

Provide rich communications to teachers, administrators and staff to enable a continuous dialogue between students and parents as well as the overall ecosystem. And more importantly, improve security and campus safety through rapid emergency event notices, be it a call from an emergency contact point or an IoT trigger.


Smart Cities

IoT: the key actor of government cybersecurity management

Digital Transformation has brought an increasing number of connected devices to the equation, which resulted in a need for a network infrastructure with adequate technology and security foundations. Connected IoT devices must now cope with smart cities biggest challenge of cybersecurity.



Interconnect your transportation ecosystem

Drive efficiency across all transportation systems with the support of IoT and all the associated technologies that have the potential to automatically onboard IoT devices, provide bin sensors in airports or deploy CCTV systems in ITS.


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