Soluciones y dispositivos conectados

Las soluciones y los dispositivos se conectan a la perfección in situ y a distancia para un acceso seguro al lugar de trabajo desde cualquier sitio.

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Data sovereignty and security reign in the new work world

The new work world is bringing the need for data sovereignty and security to the forefront, as businesses move to the cloud to enable people to work everywhere and anywhere.

Business Continuity

A banking solution with business continuity built-in

Building business continuity into a banking network and communications system means business as usual—even during a global pandemic. 

Comunicaciones unificadas

Has remote working become YOUR new normal?

As the pandemic circled the globe it quickly became evident that organizations needed to react rapidly to enable their teams to begin working remotely.


Business continuity during a crisis

Alcatel-Lucent Rainbow: Keep your business up and running when in a crisis

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Descubra nuestras aplicaciones de colaboración y terminales móviles resistentes para trabajo híbrido y personal de primera línea.

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