University of Johannesburg attracts more students by offering a secure, mobile, interactive and collaborative e-learning experience.

  • País: Sudáfrica
  • Sector: Educación
  • Solución: Telefonía de empresa, Campus móvil, Data Center, Comunicaciones unificadas

The university was formally established in January 2005 and has four campuses spread over Central Gauteng with 49,000 full-time students and 5,800 permanent employees, and is one of the largest residential universities on the African continent.

University of Johannesburg Video (English)


  • Availability – 24/7/365 uptime to be offered
  • Needed a secure WiFi network spanning over all four campuses plus outside areas and student quarters, offering network collaboration and user experience as good as a physical network connection
  • Resilience to cut back in case of failure
  • Integration to 3rd party networks and open standards

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