University of Johannesburg attracts more students by offering a secure, mobile, interactive and collaborative e-learning experience.

  • País: Sudáfrica
  • Sector: Educación
  • Solución: Telefonía de empresa, Autonomous Network, Data Center, Comunicaciones unificadas

The university was formally established in January 2005 and has four campuses spread over Central Gauteng with 49,000 full-time students and 5,800 permanent employees, and is one of the largest residential universities on the African continent.

Nos importa tener tecnologías que permitan planear el crecimiento de nuestra capacidad, de acuerdo a la demanda proyectada para toda nuestra infraestructura.

Carlos Mario Duque, Director de Desarrollo Institucional, Universidad de Antioquia

University of Johannesburg Customer Video


  • Availability – 24/7/365 uptime to be offered
  • Needed a secure WiFi network spanning over all four campuses plus outside areas and student quarters, offering network collaboration and user experience as good as a physical network connection
  • Resilience to cut back in case of failure
  • Integration to 3rd party networks and open standards

Productos & Soluciones


  • 8 Series IP Touch Phones
  • OmniAccess Wireless Access Points
  • OmniAccess Wireless LAN Switch
  • OmniSwitch 6450
  • OmniSwitch 6900
  • OpenTouch Business Edition
  • OpenTouch Customer Service



  • Business Telephony
  • Mobile Campus
  • Data Center
  • Cost effective solution compared to competition
  • No loss of features at good cost
  • Ease of central management and customer experience
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