Saint Gotthard Tunnel

The Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise solution demonstrated the reliability required as well as the capability to function optimally in Gotthard Base Tunnel’s challenging environmental conditions.

  • Land: Schweiz
  • Branche: Transportwesen, Eisenbahn
  • Lösung: Autonomous Network

The Gotthard Base Tunnel is a feat of engineering. Running through the Alps in Switzerland, the tunnel is the longest and deepest traffic tunnel in the world. The tunnel’s specialized hardened network takes IoT where standard networking cannot, guaranteeing the level of service required for the longest, safest and best connected tunnel in the world, and transporting 9,000 passengers every day in safety and comfort.

This tunnel is designed to last for 100 years. I am sure that the Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise colleagues will manage it successfully. They had the last 8 years well under control. They will continue for the next 92 years, or longer. We are also very proud of the AVA Digital award and Muse Creative Award won by Koenigsfilm for our video promoting the partnership between Gotthard tunnel and Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise.
Peter Huber, Project Leader, Transtec Gotthard

Saint Gotthard Tunnel DE Customer Video



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