Giving meaning to tech

Philippe Bletterie
Juli 08, 2022

ALE brings meaning to tech through inclusion and accessibility, improving societal, environmental and work/life balance.

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While the recent global health crisis separated us in many ways, it also united us. As the world rapidly responded with social distancing, masking, travel and event cancellations, technology was called on to help ensure we stayed connected with our loved ones, provide alternative contactless ways of keeping businesses going and ensure our humanity stayed intact.

As we transition to a new normal, scarred but not beaten by an extra-ordinary global experience, we are looking ahead at the role that technology can contribute, not just functionally, but from a societal, environmental and inclusivity perspective. It’s about how we "give meaning" to technology and innovation. At Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, we are committed to impacting the world in a positive way, through the solutions and services we offer and in how we act as a company. As a provider of network and communication solutions, we support government municipalities and companies in the digitalisation of services. We also help cities and territories to reduce the digital divide by setting up efficient, reliable and automated networks, public networks and public Wi-Fi. This enables the implementation of new services in cities, as well it allows businesses to be more efficient, more effective and more competitive.

It’s clear that the global pandemic accelerated the race to remote working and hybrid working environments. Rainbow™ by Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise provides a tool for quality remote collaboration, whether for audio exchanges, video conferences, chat, or document sharing.

In this time of restricted movement, not only has Rainbow provided a superior remote communications and collaboration solution, it has also reduced the need for travel which, as we all know, is better for the planet. Additionally, less time spent in an airport means more time for oneself, for one’s family, and for better work/life balance. It is also important to note, that remote working environments create opportunities for individuals ― who would otherwise be challenged to get to an office ― to work and contribute as an integral part of the team.

In terms of citizens services, over the last few years we have been involved in the digital transformation of a number of cities and territories in France, in an effort to bring digitalised services to the population at large. Thanks in part to the France Relance funding plan we have seen acceleration in digitalisation implementation. For example, we have set up tools for booking appointments online, and the creation of online surveys for better citizen participation. We are even working on online voting solutions.

These steps toward technology allow citizens and tourists to more easily interact with city services, in any language, without having to go anywhere, with interaction through a bot or with an agent, using audio or video, to meet everyone's expectations and communication preferences.

In terms of bridging the digital divide, ALE recently published a case study where new services and more than 10,000 IP telephones were deployed among the senior citizen population in the isolated municipalities of Hokkaido, Japan. The main city services are offered on a fixed phone with a very simple interface. This makes it easy for people to order public transport for their medical appointments, access the latest news and events, and even interact with neighbours. With this service, senior citizens can stay in their homes for longer, even in isolated areas, while enjoying a link with the community. New digital services also enable better support for people with reduced mobility. New location services make it easier to locate equipment and access points such as wheelchairs, and whether a location is accessible.

Digital developments have also found a place beyond business and municipal requirements. In the field of education, ALE has launched the Rainbow Classroom platform. During the lock-down period of the pandemic, when schools were closed, Rainbow Classroom allowed classes to continue with students learning in a remote environment. Today, as children return to their schools, Rainbow Classroom continues to provide an alternative environment for children who cannot be physically present at school. With Rainbow Classroom they can be digitally included in the classroom, follow the lessons, and participate with their classmates. In addition to facilitating the continuation of their schooling, it also breaks the isolation of their current environment.

ALE also continues to make conscientious decisions when it comes to the environment by participating in projects that support a shift to renewable energy transport that can help reduce the global carbon footprint. ALE is supporting the RATP Bus2025 plan which will see the implementation of electric buses. Automated networks that connect the bus stations, will collect information at each bus stop in a station, such as energy consumption and travel time, which will help optimise routes and provide a positive impact on the environment.

We are committed as citizens, as employees and as a company to enabling technology in a meaningful way for the betterment of our society. ALE is actively involved in a number of causes with commitments around the globe. For example, for a number of years now we have been providing technological support to Mercy Ship, the floating hospital that travels the seas and oceans providing free medical care to people in the most disadvantaged areas.

We are also committed to ensuring our products, solutions and applications, are eco-designed to consume as little energy as possible, and that the components, materials and the entire manufacturing chain are environmentally friendly.

Our hybrid solutions are built on existing infrastructure and enhanced with new services, rather than replacing equipment and sending it to a landfill. The environmental impact is immediate. Most notably, we are very proud to have recently received our renewed Ecovadis Silver Medal award which places us in the top 10% of companies worldwide committed to being the most environmentally friendly, ethical, diverse and inclusive.

Read our customer references to learn more about how ALE technologies are changing lives through inclusivity and innovation.

Philippe Bletterie

Philippe Bletterie

SVP Sales, Focus Countries and Strategic Verticals Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise

Philippe leads an international team responsible of the company’s go to markets, value propositions and strategic and specialized partnerships for the Government and Defense, Healthcare, Education, Transport, Energy and Utilities sectors. Philippe is also in charge of the business strategy governance with the best performing countries.

Prior to his current position, in his 20 years of international experience, Philippe held different positions in Alcatel-Lucent and Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise including Sales leader for Government sector in Europe, head of Network Business Enablement, Contact Center Solutions lead, Visual Communication Solutions lead, Corporate Strategist, Terminals Product Line Manager, R&D developer in core PBXs and Export Manager in charge of mobile networks infrastructure and intelligent networks deployment across the globe. 

Philippe holds a master’s degree in engineering from Grenoble Polytechnic National Institute (INPG).

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