Rockville Centre Schools enhanced the learning environment with Wi-Fi and phones in each classroom using ALE solutions.

  • Pays: États-Unis
  • Secteur d'activité: Éducation
  • Solution: Autonomous Network

Rockville Centre School District (RVC) is widely recognized as one of the top performing school districts in the state of New York and the country. With seven K-12 schools serving approximately 3500 students and an 11-to-1 student-toteacher ratio, RVC has focused on technology to ignite their students’ passion for learning.

We not only teach with technology, we teach technology. With ALE we assure that when the networks run smooth, learning runs smooth.

Mike Anderson, Director of Technology


  • Une connexion WiFi traditionnelle pour les clients
  • Dépendant d’un équipement informatique loué et d’une gestion tierce
  • Débit lent

Produits & Solutions

User Experience Benefits:

  • As part of the 1:1 program, RVC can extend the school day for students, allowing them to log in from home, access the internal network, submit homework, and message teachers. In addition, while remotely connected to the district, internet access is filtered, protecting against inappropriate content.
  • This deployment has enabled them to implement teaching with technology that has resulted in a positive effect throughout the typical school day for students, faculty, staff, and administration.

Technical Benefits:

  • When implementing a 1:1 program, WLAN design is a critical component. RVC deployed a dedicated access point in each classroom to ensure teachers and students remain connected throughout the building. ALE’s solution provides sticky client avoidance, load balancing, fast roaming, voice/video awareness and security. The ALE solution also provides automated features, making network management easier for IT.

Financial Benefits:

  • Schools are always watching budgets, with total cost of ownership a paramount concern. With a hybrid phone system, RVC was able to add phones only where needed, and implement soft-phone pilots over the new WLAN.
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