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Digital transformation, better communications and collaboration between teams improve customer service.

  • 국가: 프랑스
  • 산업: 제조
  • 해결책: Communications Platform As A Service, Collaboration Solutions, Digital Dividends

A world leader in electronic repairs, Breizelec specializes in the repair of agricultural equipment and livestock systems (including milking stations for cattle).

As an environmentally responsible player, Breizelec tackles the obsolescence of electronic equipment and offers an alternative to purchasing new parts by providing fast, reliable and affordable electronic repair.

We have benefited from ALE and NXO’s ability to take our concerns into consideration; they understood the challenges we faced as well as our expectations. This proximity allowed us to maintain communications throughout the project. In addition, the NXO developers’ expertise and skills enabled us to personalize our customer service in five different languages, thereby fully meeting our expectations. Our specifications have been respected to the letter.
Frédéric Perrot, Technical Director at Breizelec

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