Metropolis and City of Perpignan

The metropolis and city of Perpignan are implementing a strategic digital transition plan to address the connectivity needs of citizen, visitors and municipal employees

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The metropolitan area and city of Perpignan in France is known for its dynamism and innovation. The area now has 270,000 inhabitants, 1,100 employees and 36 municipalities, including the city of Perpignan with its 12,000 inhabitants and 2,400 employees. Since 2016 the metropolitan area has been engaged in a project to modernize its public administration in order to simplify the sharing of information systems between the communities.

The first step in the digital transition is the design and deployment of a new reliable and efficient system and network infrastructure that will enable the metropolis and city of Perpignan to develop the Smart City project. Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise and its partner NXO have provided a range of tailor-made solutions to meet the objectives and needs of Perpignan Méditerranée Métropole and its 36 municipalities.

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This new infrastructure has enabled us to simplify the sharing and administration of our information systems, as well as to secure our two Data Centers through the implementation of a business continuity plan. We were able to deploy new services such as videoconference, IP deskphone and IoT for our internal needs and for the needs of users. All Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise digital infrastructure, communications and collaboration technologies and NXO’s expertise in these technologies have enabled us to achieve our objectives without any particular constraints.
Jean-Luc Hamelin, Head of Digital Infrastructure Services, Metropolis and city of Perpignan

Customer reference City of Perpignan - NXO & Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise

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