Movis International

Movis selected Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise products because a trust relationship was already established with the vendor and partner API S&S, who would also work closely with Movis in providing after-sales service support.

  • 국가: 코트디부아르
  • 산업: 운송, Ports and Logistics
  • 해결책: 데이터 센터

Movis International was established as a joint venture between the Geodis group's African operations, and the port logistics operator Sivom, itself based in the Gulf of Guinea since 1973.

Movis aims to connect African markets to international trade more efficiently, relying upon direct access to the Geodis network, which spans over 120 countries. The Ivory Coast subsidiary works very closely with the Abidjan port and covers five core business activities: logging, transportation, transit, storage, and express mail. The value of the solution was also a factor in the decision-making process, with Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise products proving to be the best proposal.

The reliability of Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise products provides us with such a high level of satisfaction that we intend to develop our network with this manufacturer. In 2015, we want to expand our Unified Communications to the site of San Pedro, and develop our Unified Access strategy.
M. Ibrahima Konate, Information Department Director, Movis International

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