The integrated solution enables smart communication and digital services on guests’ personal smartphones and hotel devices.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, May 11, 2020 - Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, the global leader in business communications and collaboration solutions, partnering with Hudini, the digital transformation platform that connects all three stages of the hospitality guest journey, announced today the integration of the Hudini Guest Engagement Suite with the Alcatel-Lucent Hospitality Guest Services solution and digital guestroom phones to provide hotels a new omnichannel and digital guest engagement solution for all guest and hotel devices.

The newly integrated hospitality telephony solution gives guests and hotel staff the freedom to access hotel information and services. It also allows them to make calls, at any time from any location, using their own or hotel devices, such as tablets, smart phones, and digital room phones. On top of enhancing the digital guest experience and improving communication access for all hotel employees, the two companies aim to simplify hoteliers’ purchasing process by offering a single application for eConcierge and telephony services for multiple in-room and mobile guest devices.

“This partnership allows our hospitality customers across the globe to optimise their performance with a holistic digital application and their guests benefit from having a single application to deliver a personalised connected experience,” says Xavier Mongin, Global Director Hospitality, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise.

The Hospitality Guest Services solution, the newly launched voice service API for hotel guests by Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, enables high quality voice services to Hudini’s multi-device Guest Engagement Services platform. The solution allows providers of mobile guest or eConcierge apps to enrich them with enterprise-grade voice capabilities and link these services to the guest room.

This integration turns a guest’s own mobile device into an extension of their in-room phone. Consequently, in addition to accessing hotel services via the mobile app, guests and staff can also make internal and external phone calls from their own devices and hotel tablets, passing through the hotel’s telephony systems, instead of operator or roaming services.

The Hudini Guest Engagement Suite will be hosted on the high-end Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise digital guestroom phone, the Alcatel-Lucent Smart DeskPhone 8088, to enable in-room concierge services. This combines the desktop phone’s market-leading telephony services, immersive HD and video experience, rich contextual menus and the highest quality wideband audio and video experience on the market, with the flexibility and richness of Hudini’s guest services platform.

“We are extremely excited and honored to be partnering with a globally renowned and recognised company like Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise. A combined Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise-Hudini offer is an ideal combination for hosting our digital guest enablement platform. Our joint offer helps create opportunities across the entire guest value chain, further enabling operational efficiencies and helping our clients engage digitally with the guests throughout their journey and stay at the venue,” says Prince Thampi, CEO, Hudini.

The collaboration provides hotels with a digital, omnichannel alternative to the existing landline phone through a complete suite of services (room service, hotel presentation, special offers, GRMS control, TV and sound system control, voice) on multiple devices (tablets, smart phones, digital room phones, room TV). The Hudini omnichannel solution now provides carrier-grade communications from guest devices and the room directly to the back office, enabling seamless communication between guests and hotel staff, as well as increasing guest mobility and ultimately helping build customer loyalty and satisfaction.

In a competitive industry like hospitality that is undergoing a challenging period, and where customer loyalty is essential, hotels are constantly working to differentiate services and experiences. The Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise-Hudini solution was designed to help hospitality customers stand out in a crowded market by providing their guests with digital touch points at every stage of the customer journey: before, during and after their stay.

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise 정보 

알카텔-루슨트 엔터프라이즈는 기업에서 필요로 하는 맞춤화된 기술 경험을 제공함으로써 모든 것을 연결하고자 합니다. 

ALE는 고객의 성공을 보장하기 위해 맞춤화된 디지털 시대 네트워킹, 통신, 클라우드 솔루션과 더불어, 클라우드, 온프레미스, 하이브리드 등의 유연한 사업 모델을 제공합니다. 모든 솔루션은 보안 기능이 내재되어 있으며 환경에는 최소한의 영향만을 줍니다.

ALE는 100년 이상의 혁신으로 전 세계 100개국 83만 이상의 고객으로부터 신뢰 받는 어드바이저가 되었습니다. 

프랑스에 본부를 두고 있는 비상장기업인 ALE는 전 세계 2,900개가 넘는 직접적 제휴사를 보유하여 각 지역에 중점을 두면서 전 세계 고객에 효과적으로 접근합니다.

자세한 정보는 웹사이트(www.al-enterprise.com)를 참고하시기 바랍니다.


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