Discover the best WiFi solutions for the WiFi4EU program in Government

The WIFI4EU scheme will fund the cost of wireless infrastructure for free Wi-Fi hotspots in public spaces. See the best WiFi products that meet the Wifi4EU requirements, including options for indoor, outdoor and mixed deployments, cloud-based and on-premises.

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Three key reasons why the Alcatel-Lucent OmniAccess Stellar is a perfect fit for your public WiFi project:

Distributed intelligence Scalable: any project size Cost effective

Distributed intelligence on every AP eliminates:

  • The controller costs
  • Performance bottlenecks points of failure
  • ZTP and management from the private municipal cloud
  • Thousands of APs managed from a single pane of glass.
  • Up to 4000 APs
  • Without hardware controllers, the solution can scale from 1 to thousands of APs without the capacity constraints and costs of controllers.
  • Simple licensing based on AP count
  • Linear costs, linked to the number of APs
  • No hardware controllers costs
  • Cost-effective in any deployment size (small, medium, large, extra-large)
802.11ac and beyond City-scalable Wi-Fi Faster ROI


In detail:

  • Simplicity: High-speed Wi-Fi with optimal radio coverage, yet simple to deploy and scale
  • Performance: Distributed intelligent architecture for better performance and high availability
  • User centricity and security: Easy to connect to, excellent quality and user experience for both public servants and citizens
  • Affordability: Low TCO thanks to simple management features and built-in intelligent capabilities
  • Security: Secure network access control (NAC), smart analytics application monitoring and enforcement.
  • IoT enablement: Innovative IoT containment technology; securely and automatically connects any authorized Wi-Fi device
  • Analytics capability: Smart analytics monitor and control applications, to help manage and drive strategic decision-making
  • Unified management: Native unified access for LAN and WLAN with a cloud-enabled management that guarantees the best quality of service
  • Evolution: Future-proof solution built on the latest technologies, innovations and services


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802.11 ax는 차세대 무선 네트워크 표준인 Wi-Fi 6입니다. 이 표준의 이점에 대해 읽어보고 팟캐스트에서 전문가들의 의견을 들어보세요.

solid-public-page-headers-1200x299-en 강력한 공용 Wi-Fi 네트워크를 구축하는 방법

모바일 및 IoT 연결의 보편화가 도시의 Wi-Fi 환경에 부담을 가중하고 있습니다.  아래에서 강력한 공용 Wi-Fi 네트워크를 구축하는 방법에 대해 알아보세요.

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