Wherever you go, take your office with you. Hold business calls, chat and collaborate from any device with this unified communications app.

Designed for today's mobile workforce, this application brings together IM chat, voice calls, visual collaboration and call history. Invite your customers, partners and colleagues to collaborate in real time - then discover how you can enhance your meetings with video and screen sharing to accelerate decision making and problem solving.

Phone running out of battery, want to take a call in private, or need to leave the office in a hurry? OpenTouch Conversation makes it easy to shift calls from one device to another, seamlessly. When a call comes in on the business number, both office and mobile phone ring simultaneously. And there's more. Simple features; big difference.

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  • Hold business calls and enterprise instant messaging sessions anywhere
  • Hold richer remote meetings with voice, screen sharing and video
  • Get an at-a-glance view of voice messages, missed calls and instant messages in a single app


  • Present a single business identity, with one phone number, across multiple devices
  • Manage which phone to use for inbound and outbound calls at any time, or use built-in VoIP software
  • Switch calls to device of choice for more privacy or audio quality
  • Access local and corporate contacts; see their on-the-phone presence
  • Manage the office phone (or any other number) from a computer, or use the computer with a headset (MLE)
  • Monitor colleagues' lines and pick up important calls when they are busy (MLE)
  • Click to call and IM from within Microsoft Outlook, Gmail and IBM Notes (MLE)
  • Share your screen or a document in an IM chat or call (MLE)

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Available Models

OpenTouch Conversation for MLE: PC, Mac, web browser, iPhone, iPad, Android.

OpenTouch Conversation for SMB: iPhone, Android, Windows Phone.
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