Enjoy better-quality conference calls on this dedicated IP conference phone, or use your own deskphone, PC or smartphone with our conferencing modules.

Our range of conferencing solutions transform your conferencing experience with high-quality audio, easy connectivity to your existing platforms, and powerful conferencing features. Whether you’re accustomed to the benefits of IP voice services or looking to adapt and enhance your existing devices, our conferencing products will meet your needs.

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Conference phone for Large meeting room

One click is all it takes to start or join a meeting with ALE Unite mobile app and the Alcatel-Lucent 8135s IP Conference Phone.

This SIP device includes all IP voice services and innovative new features such as OmniSound audio with full duplex, automatic echo cancellation and noise suppression.

8135s IP conference phone with ALE Unite app

Portable conferencing module for mobility and huddle rooms

The EGO personal speakerphone is compact and portable and fits easily into a work bag. It provides OmniSound® audio technology for very high-quality HD audio conversations.

Connect it to a laptop through a USB or connect to a smartphone and benefit from high-quality audio meetings wherever you are (up to 12 hours of call time)


  • Start meetings on-time
  • Easy control from Smartphone
  • Hear and be heard clearly in medium to large rooms
  • Adapt your own devices for high-quality conference calls, anywhere


8135s IP Conference phone

  • One-click-calls with ALE Unite mobile app
  • USB port and LDAP Client
  • OmniSound audio with full duplex, automatic echo cancellation and noise suppression
  • Retro-compatibility with 4135 IP Conference phone


EGO personal speakerphone

  • Light and compact
  • Battery supports 12 hours of call time
  • OmniSound audio with full duplex, automatic echo cancellation and noise suppression
  • Easily connect to laptop, tablet or smartphone, USB 2.0, 3.5mm port headset
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Reduces travel expenses and administration time.

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Encourages spontaneous group brainstorming and problem solving.

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Get more from your existing installed base of deskphones, smartphones and tablets.

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Available Models

Alcatel-Lucent 8135s IP Conference phone: The 8135s is a SIP device ideal for large meeting room up to 70m². Controlled with the ALE Unite app, it incorporates OmniSound® audio  technology. The USB port allows to connect it to a PC and works perfectly with collaboration app such as Alcatel-Lucent Rainbow and Alcatel-Lucent OpenTouch Conversation.

EGO personal speakerphone: The EGO personal speakerphone is a conference module fitting easily into a work bag. Ready for meetings everywhere and compatible with Alcatel-Lucent Rainbow, you can benefit from high-quality audio during up to 12 hours of meetings and calls.

4135 IP Conference Phone: With this IP phone designed for group calls, you can record meetings and set up quick-call conference groups. Expansion microphones make this flexible, SIP-based unit the business phone of choice for mid- to large-sized conference rooms.

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