A large view of London city, with the London Bridge and some other buildings.


ConnetU required a scalable, reliable solution to support ongoing expansion and customer connectivity needs.

  • 국가: 영국
  • 산업: 서비스
  • 해결책: 데이터 센터, Digital Age Networking, Mission Critical Networks, Shortest Path Bridging

ConnetU is a London network service provider, which under its Gwhizz Networks brand offers Gigabit+ IP and Ethernet connectivity between offices, shops, homes, data centres and cloud on-ramps, as well as network consultancy services and wholesale access to other ISPs. ConnetU needs uncompromising uptime, with a scalable business model, to support ongoing growth.

ConnetU Data Centre customer logo
Shortest Path Bridging has allowed us to quickly and reliably distribute customer networks across the metro WAN like no other technology has.
Charles Lyons, Operations Director, ConnetU and Gwhizz Networks

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