What does Unified Access mean?

Unified Access allows wired and wireless technologies to work together, as a single, robust network.

Users experience the same high quality performance using Wi-Fi or connected via an Ethernet cable, and can access the same apps as they switch from their desktop to their smartphone to their tablet.

Network management in a unified environment is singular - a single registration process, a single set of policies and a single-pane of visibility for control of the entire network.

This is exactly what’s needed by customers because almost every organization has a mixture of wired and wireless networks — and will for the next 5 to 10 years.

Andre Kindness, Principal Analyst, Forrester

What's a Unified Access strategy?

Unified Access for a Converged World

The result? Simplified IT operations, pervasive security, a consistent user experience and business investments that are protected into the future.
Why do enterprises choose Unified Access as a strategy?

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