The hotel guest experience was enhanced with feature rich communication and staff responds faster to guests using Rainbow Mobility.

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  • 산업: 호텔 관광 서비스업
  • 해결책: 클라우드 커뮤니케이션, Rainbow, 통합 커뮤니케이션, Collaboration Solutions, e-services

Mayfair Hotels & Resorts are synonymous with 5-star excellence in hospitality and being able to offer authentic hospitality, thoughtful service, lavish accommodation and world class facilities in the most exquisite setting. The spellbinding Mayfair Lake Resort, Raipur, is located amid lush greenery and overlooks the gorgeous Jhangh Lake with sweeping panoramic views all around the property. Mayfair Lake Resort wanted to deploy a telecom infrastructure with distributed architecture.

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해결 과제

The Mayfair Lake Resort receives torrential rain nine months of the year, attracting humidity, an opponent of technology. The resort spans a large area of land, requiring a lot of copper cabling for communications services. Mayfair wanted to minimize this outdated technology and install an industrial grade server to withstand harsh weather. The new system also needed to cater to the use of Hybrid extensions where some legacy technology would be supported alongside the new IP telephony network. Mayfair also wanted to add mobility based on 3G/4G as deploying DECT and Vo-WLAN was not practical.

제품& 서비스
적용 이점

Technical Benefits

  • Distributed architecture of Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX® Enterprise delivers gateways for each zone, reducing need for copper cables
  • "Providing connectivity for our staff over 3G/4G mobility was key to ensuring our level of customer service and satisfaction,” said Mr. Kanti Mishra Dy, General Manager, IT at the resort.

Financial Benefits

  • CAPEX improved by eliminating outdoor copper cables 
  • Executive Hospitality grade analog phones in rooms save costs and deliver luxury
  • “New solution helped reduce carbon footprint in each room along with triple savings” – Manoj Gouda, CFO at resort

User Experience Benefits

  • Hotel guests experience luxury with feature rich communications from their bed-side 
  • “Admin users and hotel staff are able to respond faster to guests’ requests using Rainbow Mobility.” - Prakash Mohapatra, Purchase Manager at resort
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