Mairie de Montrouge

The Mairie de Montrouge introduced a digital revolution serving resident and offering an intuitive based system with numerous advantages to their employees.

  • 국가: 프랑스
  • 산업: 정부 기관
  • 해결책: 연결된 솔루션 및 서비스, 통합 커뮤니케이션

The city of Montrouge is located to the south of Paris in the department of Hauts de Seine.

With a population of 49,344 inhabitants, it is one of the most densely populated municipalities in France with 24,154 inhabitants/km2. 

41 sites depend on city hall for its fiber optic cable connectivity. 

In 2015, Montrouge was awarded 5th by L’association des Villes Internet (Association of Internet Cities).

The 5th rating is the highest rating awarded by the Association to local authorities which recognize their advancements in digital promotion.

Thanks to the complementary nature and availability of teams on the project along with the ability to test solutions in advance, our Information Technology department managed to internally support the change and achieve complete interaction of all users. It's a success!
Thierry Glantzmann, Information Systems Director, Mairie de Montrouge

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