Customisation services ease your digital transformation: we can develop the specific application you need or coach your team to develop it.

Digital transformation can help you optimise new technologies, as well as increase efficiency and profitability. Companies must become more innovative and rethink the digital tools they use. New revenue streams and improved customer experiences are possible with new applications and APIs.

Customisation services provide agile software development to address your specific needs and complement ALE solutions. Our experienced team can develop your specific projects based on the ALE portfolio (Communications, Network, and Cloud), and/or your industry solutions based on APIs.

Customisation Services for digital transformation

The Customisation services value proposition document provides an overview of our services offering designed to meet your needs

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  • Transformation journey: We develop the application you need, or coach your team to develop it
  • Optimisation and adoption: We ensure full integration to maximise return value on your installed base 
  • Industries and customisation: We provide unique solutions for your specific needs


Specific developments to meet your needs

  • Based on your requirements, we study, plan and design the architecture, maintenance, roll-out and business impact to provide a superior technical solution to optimise your return on investment
  • Our global team of developers, technical experts and GUI/IHM designers, will design, develop, test, deploy and ensure the support and maintenance (SAS)
  • ALE developers use agile methodology, known as Scrum, to put the customer at the heart of the process with regular sprint deliveries and reviews
  • Solutions can be deployed on-premises, hybrid, or in the cloud, based on your needs
  • We also provide full-featured applications to turn your communications into a truly collaborative experience


Coaching to assist you during your initial development

  • We will work hand-in-hand with your developers to mitigate risks on your first in-house development
  • We assist you with implementation and provide ongoing maintenance and applications management to optimise your return on investment
  • Benefit from our knowledge transfer which will optimise your solution performance and raise your team’s skill level
Customer Benefits

Competitive edge with added-value solutions

  • Differentiate from the competition with unique solutions adapted to your business or industry needs
  • Openness to change and evolution
  • High added-value with end-to-end services

Optimum performance to sustain your business

  • Ensure your enterprise always has the right solution adapted to meet your requirements
  • Full integration allows you to maximise your installed base value

Vendor support provides efficient development

  • Our team will develop, test, deploy, and ensure support and maintenance for a specific solution
  • Benefit from a knowledge transfer which will optimise your solution performance and raise your team’s skill level.

Agile development for higher customer engagement and collaboration

  • An innovative, agile methodology allows us to create the necessary features required for your business
  • Involved in the project from the start
  • Immediately benefit from the features identified as most valuable
  • Shorten and accelerate the software development lifecycle
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