Securely connect cities to enhance the quality of citizen life. Our connected city solutions help communities to grow sustainably.

Today’s smart city services and operations rely on secure connectivity. These connected devices, users and services increase the pressure on city networks such that digital transformation becomes necessary for sustainable growth.

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise solutions connect cities and citizens with resilient communications and networks. We help you transform your technology foundation to power a secure, high-density connectivity across the city. This network provides a friendly, safe citizen experience in public buildings that securely connects IoT, reduces complexity and costs.

Cybersecurity insights for governments and cities

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Build connected, sustainable cities

  • Create a transformation foundation for a smart city
  • Connect people, objects, machines and processes securely across the city
  • Simplify management and reduce costs with automation and proactive analytics
  • Power smart, sustainable buildings

A smart foundation keeps a smart city running

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Smart city projects depend on a resilient network and communications foundation. A Digital Age Network is smart and automated, which makes it easy to connect users and devices to their specific applications in a secure manner. It also ensures a coherent quality of experience everywhere.

With a secure foundation in place, high-density Wi-Fi 6 can be deployed across the city to connect objects, machines and processes that fuel your digital transformation. IoT enablement and access control make it fast and easy to configure cybersecurity policies for the vast number of connected users, devices and applications.

Connected city networks cannot be managed manually. Proactive network management reduce errors and enhances intervention speed. With our solution, IT teams define network services, architecture, access policies and IoT containers and the network builds itself automatically. Once it is built, the network makes the required adjustments automatically.

Power smart, sustainable buildings

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Sustainable buildings can reduce city emissions, reinforce community spirit and ensure citizen safety. City buildings offer smart services such as collaboration, wayfinding, automated room booking, secured access control or carpark status. Remote control and automation enhance resource efficiency and reduces energy consumption. Video surveillance and centralized notifications improve citizen security.

We considered many technology and device brands to find a partner able to meet our requirements. We found that ALE is one of the leading manufacturer, that they are continuously improving, and that they fulfill their roles perfectly to support the needs of Bangkok's people, both now and in the future.

Prasopsook Pimpagovit, Director of Computer System Operation Division

Customer Benefits

Citizens enjoy convenience and simplicity:

  • CPaaS makes digital public services accessible 24/7 from a website or a citizen’s own device
  • Advanced amenities enhance safety in public or private city buildings
  • Location-based services simplify public buildings navigation and evacuation procedures

City council employees enjoy improved working conditions:

  • A digital workplace simplifies access to tools, colleagues and information from anywhere
  • Mobility and connectivity enhance effectiveness anywhere
  • Collaboration and information-sharing powers autonomy and decision-making

IT Managers can embrace a proactive network management:

  • Flexible models, such as cloud, on-premises and hybrid, ensure budget optimisation
  • A Digital Age Network empowers a proactive approach that reduces human errors and enhances efficiency
  • IoT enablement automatically and securely onboards smart city IoT devices
  • A centralised, proactive and automated network simplifies smart-city operations and reduces IT costs
  • CCTV, location services and centralised notifications improve city buildings security

City managers gain community and public servants trust:

  • The smart city transformation powers an enhanced quality of life for everyone and improves city efficiency
  • The privacy of citizen data and public services data is protected
  • Remote work tools for public servants enable public service continuity in any situation
  • Automation enhances resource efficiency and ensures people and assets security
Customer References
logo perpignan mediterranee metropole

Metropolis and City of Perpignan

The metropolis and city of Perpignan are implementing a strategic digital transition plan to address the connectivity needs of citizen, visitors and municipal employees

  • Government

Transit Wireless Image

Transit Wireless

Transit Wireless and ALE provide connectivity for the New York City subway through a large fiber network spanning 4 boroughs and 276 subway stations.

  • Transportation

Stadt Munster customer image

Stadt Münster

Modern WLAN technology from Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise delivers mobile connectivity for schools as a further step towards the digitalisation of schools.

  • Government

Bangkok Metropolitan Administration Image

Bangkok Metropolitan Administration

A new network backbone for efficient service to citizens

  • Government

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