Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

We help ITS operators ensure safer travel, reduce congestion, and optimise infrastructure investments

The new solution makes it simpler to provide the best services throughout the 25 billion miles travelled by our road users annually, providing the right information for safe travel and ultimately reducing the time spent on the road. ALE went above and beyond throughout the entire process.
Gary Molnar, ITS Network Manager, Nevada Department of Transportation

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ITS: Smart roads keep things moving

Intelligent Transportation Systems connect travelers to smart roads and services to make travel easier and safer


Accelerating to Zero

Connected-driverless vehicles (automobiles not operated by humans, yet connected to a sophisticated guidance network) will become the norm.


Smart, safe, secure roads please

To enable smart roads, you need a network that can connect intelligent IoT devices simply and securely.


Paving the way for ITS

Transportation authorities will need to think ahead to ensure the networks built today can handle the requirements of tomorrow.


The Road to ITS

Building Today’s and Tomorrow’s Intelligent Transportation Systems

Digital Age Networking for ITS

Smart highways reduce congestion and save lives. The 20th century networks of DOTs will not be able to address what the 21st century requires ITS to be. A Service Defined Network is the network of the future for ITS.

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