We help ITS operators ensure safer travel, reduce congestion, and optimise infrastructure investments

Road transportation systems are evolving to meet the needs of a world on the move. Road Operators are paving the way toward a safer, greener future with digital technology.

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise provides Internet of Things (IoT)-ready network technology that enables road operators to optimise next generation Intelligent Transport Systems to provide safer, less congested, eco-friendly roads.

Digital Age Networking for ITS White Paper

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A Service Defined Network is the network of the future for ITS

Smart ITS solutions designed for the digital age:

  • Improve traveller experience by reducing congestion
  • Increase safety and security for travellers, staff, and assets
  • Improve operational efficiency

Network Infrastructure for your mission-critical ITS applications

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ITS operators are facing significant challenges to reduce congestion and incidents. To meet these challenges operators are implementing congestion monitoring and control systems across their networks. These new systems require a robust mission-critical data network capable of supporting millions of IoT devices. Some devices may be required in remote and inhospitable areas, which means the infrastructure must be installed and provisioned automatically and capable of operating in extreme temperature and environments.

Reducing congestion increases safety and security for travellers, however, this alone is not enough. ITS operators are deploying more cameras to detect accidents, as well as automated speed reduction systems, which are all IP connected. Other IoTs provide the ability to detect incidents; using CPaaS, the operational team can be notified and take necessary actions in a timely manner which can save lives.

The network must be easy to manage and maintain, which makes Shortest Path Bridging (SPB) the clear choice for many operators. SPB simplifies day-to-day operations and makes fault finding easier than traditional protocols such as Spanning Tree (STP). Automated onboarding of devices and the ability to offer ITS operators long term support are key elements in increasing operational efficiency.

The new solution makes it simpler to provide the best services throughout the 25 billion miles travelled by our road users annually, providing the right information for safe travel and ultimately reducing the time spent on the road. ALE went above and beyond throughout the entire process.

Gary Molnar, ITS Network Manager, Nevada Department of Transportation

Customer Benefits

Why do transportation customers choose ALE?

Road transport systems are evolving to meet the needs of a world on the move. From connected buses to self-driving cars, the transportation industry is harnessing the power of IP connectivity and the internet of things (IoT). Here's how.

Increased safety and security: 

Sensors and surveillance systems deliver a stream of information on everything from variations in speed, temperature and mechanical defects, to the number of cars waiting at an intersection. ALE connected ITS solutions ensure this critical information is processed and acted on to ensure traveller safety and security.

Reduced congestion and energy use: 

Cities and urban regions worldwide are facing increasing pressure on commuter systems. Congestion is taking a toll on regional economic competitiveness, fuel use and the environment. The right network infrastructure lets you scale your resources to meet demand, with the agility to handle anything rush hour can throw at you.

Improved operational performance: 

New technologies can make daily operations faster and cheaper. Centralised provisioning and automated deployment help operational personnel to get set up and working faster.

Read how NDOT is on the cutting edge of smart road technology.

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