Deliver student success by automating and managing a secure, high performance, predictive network infrastructure.

Transform your campus through a successful digital transformation (DX) process empowering educators to have the confidence to embrace changes in teaching, learning and research with the ultimate goal of creating a student centric campus. 

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise provides the foundation for DX with high performance networking and Wi-Fi equipment. Create an environment that supports your institution’s scholarship and research goals with automation that eases deployment and operations, AI for predictive network management, and unified security policies.

Smart campus foundations empower your institution with:

  • Agility to securely embrace new teaching modalities and operations
  • Cybersecurity to protect IP as well as the institutions reputation
  • Efficiency to enable cost reductions
  • Automation to ensure that operations run smoothly
  • High performance networking to support academic and research needs
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Empowering education in the 21st century

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Deploy an agile network that allows educators to confidently and securely introduce new ways of teaching, learning and conducting research. This service centric infrastructure is the foundation for a nimble and resilient network that can face unprecedented challenges.

Your network must also have a multi-layer, cybersecurity plan with a wealth of security features and certifications to protect your campus assets and reputation. This depth of security is accomplished by correctly authorizing network access, auditing traffic for anomalies, and automatic quarantine of any misbehaving devices or users.

In addition to security, your network needs to help reduce costs through improved efficiencies and automation, which range from automatic topology to self-healing network fabric. The burdens of network deployment and management can be reduced with workflow, REST APIs and support for SDN, Python, JSON, and XML.

Academic and research environments place even greater demands on the network. They require a high-performance network foundation that uses carrier technology to create a non-blocking network and a controller-less Wi-Fi foundation for NG teaching, learning and research. And it should be standards based, services oriented, digital age IEEE 802.1aq network.


Customer Benefits

How do we help education customers?

Enable network security: Unified Network Access Profiles enable a common security strategy for all network access. Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise security profiles permit granular control of the network experience, including ACLs, QoS, time of day, and location.

Deliver performance: Alcatel-Lucent OmniSwitch networking features low-latency, DoS protection, automatic quarantine, ISSU, Ethernet Ring support, multi-Gig, 100G, DPI and Shortest Path Bridging (IEEE 802.1aq), and Alcatel-Lucent OmniAccess Stellar Wi-Fi that eliminates controller bottlenecks and complexity.

Centralized management: one platform manages both Wi-Fi and Ethernet networks. Alcatel-Lucent OmniVista Network Management System provides centralized tools for network operations, security, QoS, and inventory, with advanced features that offer insight and reporting on physical and virtual network operations. OmniVista Cirrus offers cloud-based or third-party management of WLAN and LAN.

Cost effectiveness: ALE network equipment rovides customers with sophisticated time saving efficiencies that leverage network fabric automation and self-healing that is easy to deploy. In addition, ALE supports cost-saving network automation technologies like SDN, Python and REST APIs.

Enhanced resilience: ALE voice solutions ensure that your communications network is always operational using geo-spatial redundancy and choice of on-premises or hybrid cloud. Recreate the physical classroom experience remotely by embedding Rainbow into your LMS platform.

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