We enable smart services for your staff and passengers with connected ATI transportation subsystems, as we move toward mobility 4.0.

The ATI market is projected to grow into the foreseeable future. The passenger journey is a vital process that links travellers with airports and airlines, from booking to arrival at the destination. Digital transformation is moving the journey from a ‘connected’ passenger experience to a ‘smart’ experience to satisfy new expectations at each step along the way.

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise provides the ATI sector with the building blocks to connect their subsystems, comprised of IT networks, voice communications, cloud solutions, and professional services, from design to implementation. In addition, innovative indoor geolocation technology, IoT communications, and cloud workflow, support new interactions between people and business processes.

Infographic: 5 Digital steps take travellers to new heights

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ALE connects airport subsystems with technology that works for your people, your passengers, and your services.
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Moving from a connected to a smart airport

  • Exceed passenger expectations for problem-free journey
  • Optimise operational efficiency and adhere to schedules
  • Proactively protect passengers, staff, and assets with increased safety and security

Powering safer, friendlier airports

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Passengers value independence throughout their journey, especially if it means less wait time. Digital transformation takes the passenger journey to new heights and satisfies new expectations at each step. Rainbow CPaaS and Location-based Services can be integrated into the airport’s mobile application to allow passengers to access information and services. This includes boarding gates, booking flights, points of interest, and requests for real-time assistance from airport or airline staff, using voice or video calls.

Optimising daily operations is about improving decision-making processes, enhancing maintenance procedures, and adhering to schedules. Coordination and collaboration between stakeholders are key to ensure quick recovery when operations are interrupted – without breaking the budget. IoT adoption, a smart Operation Control Center, asset tracking, and integrating communications into business processes are fundamental for success. For example, flight managers, crew members, and other stakeholders can collaborate and share real-time information regarding the progress of the required tasks to allow flights to depart on-time.

Increasing safety and security will be always the top priority for ATI operators. Rainbow CPaaS, together with a network infrastructure to support an IoT ecosystem, provide a unique solution to collect information from devices. Communicating and collaborating with the right stakeholders enables quick incident resolution that can affect the safety and security of passengers and staff. For example, a group chat room for the security team lets them notify members of any incidents which allows them to quickly coordinate actions. Additionally, passengers can be engaged as active participants in the security process, using CPaaS services integrated into airport/airlines application to identify suspicious activities.

Fluid, always-available communications are prerequisites in an airport where all services must be constant and immediate. The ALE solution supported by the maintenance team ensures that we can offer our customers optimal quality of service.

Nathalie Rebuffet, Telecom/ICTN Project Manager, Aeroport de Lyon Saint-Exupery

Customer Benefits

Why transportation customers choose ALE

ATI operators trust ALE technology to maximise interactions between people, processes and IoTs.

Robust network and communications infrastructure guarantee a mission-critical network and operational communications that deliver:

  • Ruggedized solutions for demanding conditions
  • Long-term support
  • High availability
  • Transport industry certifications

New passenger interactions, personalised with contextual information, enriches communications between stakeholders. Redefine the passenger journey with:

  • Easy in-app integration using APIs
  • Indoor geolocation and asset tracking
  • Bots and AI integration
  • Cloud and “XaaS” deployment

Rich solutions, easily integrate into global transport subsystems, open to a large ecosystem:

  • Multi-services/multi-tenant
  • Scalable and future-proof architectures
  • Readiness to support new devices and services
  • Interoperability testing (DSPPRainbow API Hub)

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