Automate your processes, manage interactions from anywhere and engage with customers for improved E-Services.

Customer service has become an e-service, as it takes place mainly online and at a distance. Both, the rapid connection, regardless of the application used, and the quality of the interactions become the long-term business interactions driver.

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise helps you put people at the centre of your e-services. Make it easy to put your customers in touch with your service experts while providing your customers exceptional audio quality. Enable your employees to work together to respond quickly and successfully to all inquiries.

Customer Service eCatalog

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The Customer Service eCatalog provides details on customer service related applications.
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The Solution

Manage customer interactions anywhere for business continuity all the time

Work-from-home and hybrid working are becoming the norm for employees in contact with customers. Ensuring the continuity of calls from home is critical for an excellent customer experience.

Your remote or office workers can enjoy the full range of customer welcome and contact centre features from OmniPCX Enterprise by using their phones and IP Desktop Softphone software on their PC or MAC. Employees work better together, despite the distance, with the Rainbow collaboration features.

Facilitate contact by automating your customer welcome

Automate your customer welcome service so that experts have more time for quality customer interactions.


Visual Automated Attendant is a centralized application that routes calls through interactive menus without the intervention of a receptionist. In addition, this application automatically responds to your customers' most frequent requests using voice recognition and synthesis as well as by querying your databases.

Employees update interactive menus and voice guides without IT department intervention providing your customers access to recent and relevant information. The application is "multi-tenant" meaning the management of menus and voice guides is delegated to users by department without impacting the call routing of other departments.

Minimise customer wait times to improve customer loyalty

Making your organisation easy and quick to reach improves customer satisfaction and creates long-lasting business interactions.

Minimize customer wait times with OmniTouch Contact Center Standard Edition contact centre software. Call routing and queuing strategies can always be easily modified by supervisors from a patented graphical interface to ensure fast connection.

Working together to respond quickly and accurately to all requests


Despite the distance, your employees work together to provide quick responses to customer requests.

Improve the quality of interactions by integrating Rainbow into business e-service applications. First call resolution is increased from the display of customer data during the call, one-click recording of call numbers in CRM, screen sharing and chat between agents.

Engaging with customers on all channels

Interactions with customers increasingly takes place in websites and social networks. Relying solely on community managers to manage these interactions slows down the business response. However with access to a customer’s history, these inquiries are handled more efficiently by call centre agents.

Interact with your website visitors to turn any visit into a real business relationship. Click To Connect allows you to connect visitors to your employees thanks to live chat, which can be transformed at any time into an audio and video session.

Manage all customer interactions from a single application. ALE Connect provides OmniTouch Contact Center agents with a single application to manage chat, social networking and call interactions.

Customer Benefits

Here’s why customers choose ALE’s e-services

  • Makes it easier for customers to get in touch with your employees wherever they are. OmniPCX Enterprise call management is ergonomic and identical from telephones, handsets or softphones. Employees can update customer service routing at any time using Visual Automated Attendant from a telephone or Internet browser.
  • Improves the customer experience from day one. OmniTouch Contact Center Standard Edition routing and call centre functionality are rich and adapt to your customer service style without the need for complex and costly integrations.
  • Transforms any interaction into a lasting business relationship. With Rainbow, your employees work together to give your customers a fast and accurate response from their business application.
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