Enable continuity of learning with efficient and secure remote classrooms, communications and IT infrastructure

A crisis can disrupt education and leave lasting effects. A transition to remote learning takes thoughtful planning and training to provide the same tools at home as are available on campus. This greatly improves your staff’s ability to provide continued education to students and helps you get back to learning, no matter the venue or setting.

We can help your school district or university continue to provide education services


You start by enabling learning continuity with LMS integrated collaboration tools. Then, empower your remote staff with secure access to these tools, remote business telephony and contact centers to ensure the community stays informed.

For the longer term, you will want collaboration and networking solutions that help you improve operations to better cope with similar situations in the future.
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Education Continuity What We've Learned

Three solutions that enable Education continuity

1. Create remote learning and collaboration spaces 

  • Integrate with your Learning Management System (LMS) platform
  • Enable communications and collaboration between staff, parents, and students
  • Provide cloud-based video and audio conferencing, screen sharing, and persistent instant messaging and file transfers
  • Route all calls to faculty and staff office numbers
  • Broadcast information to your community in real-time
  • Secure communications with strict data confidentiality and GDPR as well as ISO-27001 compliance
  • Deploy easily on smartphones, computers and tablets

*Powered by Alcatel-Lucent Rainbow, our cloud-based communication and collaboration platform. Rainbow works as a standalone or paired with Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise telephony systems, MS Teams, Google G-Suite and several third-party PBX platforms.

2. Communicate from home as easily as on campus

  • Route office/room numbers to home or mobile devices to maintain continuity regardless of location
  • Employ a fully featured business VoIP phone application on Windows or MacOS
  • Avoid the complexity of using multiple numbers/devices
  • Deploys quickly and easily - just plug-and-play

Driven by the IP Desktop Softphone

3. Securely access your tools, information and files

  • Securely extend the campus network with Remote Access Point VPN technology (WireGuard) to easily access non-cloud-based files and campus applications
  • Manage home Internet bandwidth and prioritize VoIP calls and work applications
  • Plug-and-play deployment for remote workers after initial configuration
  • Employs cloud-based architecture and management that is vendor agnostic and controller-less.
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