We help you connect railway systems and subsystems with technology that works and supports your passengers, your employees, and your services.

Railway systems are evolving to meet the needs of a world on the move. From high-speed trains to enabling customers to always be connected, the railway industry is harnessing the power of IP connectivity and the internet of Things (IoT).

Thanks to ALE, more than 330,000 users access free Wi-Fi in the New York subway every day. We’re always moving the technological needle forward and have plans to increase bandwidth and quality, while monetizing the network. 

Thomas McCarthy, Director of Network Operations, Transit Wireless

ALE railway solutions:

  • Connect customers for the best railway experience
  • Connect your people and processes securely for speed, comfort and safety
  • Connect railway infrastructure to enhance communications, security and efficiency
Powering safer, more efficient rail transport

Increase safety: Sensors of every description feed a stream of information on everything from anomalies in speed, temperature and mechanical defects on railways, to the number of cars waiting at an intersection. Our connected transportation solutions ensure this critical information is processed and acted on to ensure traveler safety.

Reduce congestion and energy use: Cities and urban regions around the world are facing increasing pressure on commuter systems, from highways to air and railway transit. Congestion is taking a toll on regional economic competitiveness, fuel use and the environment. The right network infrastructure solution lets you scale your resources to meet demand, with the agility to handle anything the rush hour can throw at you.

Improve operational performance: New technologies can make daily operations faster and cheaper. For example, Power over Ethernet simplifies device and sensor installation by eliminating the need for wiring in hard-to-reach places. Centralized provisioning and automated deployment help operational personnel to get set up and working fast.

Our customers are making everything connect
Here's why rail customers choose ALE

  • Time-saving: Our award-winning Intelligent Fabric (iFab) technology gets your teams operational, faster, with self-healing and automated device discovery abilities.
  • Robustness: Shortest Path Bridging (SPB) helps build better bridged networks and significantly reduces re-convergence times, avoiding the limitations of MPLS and Spanning Tree Protocol (STP).
  • Scalability with PoE: Hardened Gigabit Ethernet switches designed for outdoor deployment feature Power over Ethernet to simplify device and sensor installation, such as security cameras.
  • Easy to roll out: Our user-centric solutions ensure the learning curve for personnel isn’t so steep that they can’t get traction.
  • Long term support: ALE provides up to 10 years support on our key OmniSwitch products.

We make everything connect, delivering technology that works for your people, your passengers, and your services.

With our global reach and local focus, we deliver networking and communications built for railway systems to deliver mobility, security and safety.

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