SMBs differentiate with quality of service during changing times and enable teams and customers to communicate and collaborate from everywhere.

Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs) now connect and offer customer satisfaction in any context. The key to delivering an outstanding customer experience depends on the ability to ensure that mobile, remote and onsite employees stay in touch at all times to deliver the quality of service customers expect.

ALE’s solutions connect your teams to partners and customers enabling you to deliver a superior customer experience – the key competitive differentiator in a new digital world.

Ensure unparalleled customer service

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The Solution

Remote collaboration SMB

Deliver a superior customer experience from anywhere

ALE provides SMBs with dedicated collaboration, communication, and networking solutions that create the unbeatable digital connected experience that your customers expect.

Communication systems can be turned into your best professional business value and asset. Alcatel-Lucent Oxo Connect Evolution is a complete hybrid cloud communication system within an optimized IP appliance for businesses with up to 300 users. It offers a unique, built-in access to Rainbow for mobile communications on any device.

With OXO Connect Evolution:

  • Your teams are connected in the office or on the go, to better serve your customers
  • You keep unique numbers for your mobile office to make it easier for customers to call you
  • Intuitive business phones offer excellent quality interactions
  • You are prepared for PSTN shutdown, reduce cost, and secure your communications with updates and monitoring from the cloud

Communicate from everywhere using Rainbow cloud-based application. With Rainbow you can chat, call and meet digitally. You can create impactful meetings and work with customers as a single team. Video conversations are proven to make meetings shorter and decision-making faster. Participants can join from their various locations, share screens, send large files and launch audio or HD video calls in just a few clicks.

With the Rainbow Collaboration App, teams can also:

  • Get the same experience from their desktop phone, laptop, or smartphone
  • Rely on secure access. Data is encrypted and never shared for commercial purposes
  • Be assured that Rainbow data centers are in privacy-conscious countries

Rainbow Office by Ringcentral is ALE’s fully cloud based business communication solution which completes its hybrid offer. It comes with an exceptionally easy set-up and management of your devices and is already available in seven European geographies. Visit now our section dedicated to Rainbow Office, powered by Ring Central.

Networking solutions can provide greater mobility. SMBs need simple, affordable and smart network infrastructure. ALE offers a comprehensive solution for both wired (LAN) and wireless (Wi-Fi) networking, including:

  • High-performance fixed Gigabit Ethernet switches
  • Wi-Fi equipment based on the latest technology to enable high-speed wired and wireless networking
Customer Benefits

Here’s why customers choose ALE

  • Customization of customer reception in several languages
  • Direct and easy contact between office and sales teams without the need to go through a pool of sales assistants
  • Rich communications using Rainbow multimedia services
  • Optimized infrastructure

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