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ALE’s healthcare solutions connect patients, staff, devices, processes and facilities efficiently, securely and in compliance with privacy laws.

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We believe that our customers deserve the best technology and therefore we wanted to partner with only the very best technology providers out there. When it comes to the intersection of industry knowledge and technology, there is no better than ALE.
Alexandra Zammit, CEO, Thomas Holt


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Zero trust in healthcare IT networks secures all access across applications and environments, from any user, device, and location.

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CPaaS brings healthcare continuity to the Cantabrian region

SCS enhances citizens’ mobile application with teleconsultation, enabling 6,000 healthcare professionals to optimize care delivery.

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Digital Age Networking

A Day in the Future of Healthcare

Healthcare quality and experience rely on frictionless information exchange. Learn why a performing connected strategy matters for patients and clinicians.

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Healthcare cybersecurity starts with your IT network infras…

As technology becomes more complex, so do the threats of cyberattacks. Read how to mitigate the risk to the IT network infrastructure.

Cybersecurity: Key priority for healthcare organisations

How can healthcare facilities mitigate cybersecurity vulnerabilities? Discover IDC’s insights and ALE’s approach.

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