ALE’s healthcare solutions connect patients, staff, devices, processes and facilities efficiently, securely and in compliance with privacy laws.

Innovations in Healthcare and IT technologies prepare care providers to deliver a revolutionary connected digital experience to their staff and patients. Digital transformation enables ubiquitous access to quality care for all, simplifying day-to-day operations through connectivity.

ALE provides the tools that deliver critically important services that help optimise the patient care pathway. Simplified, efficient and secure communications allow clinicians to better collaborate and spend more time with the people who matter most – their patients. The result is better outcomes for patients, staff and communities.

Cybersecurity: Key priority for healthcare organisations

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How can healthcare facilities mitigate cybersecurity vulnerabilities? Discover IDC’s insights and ALE’s approach.
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We enable digital age care providers to:

  • Offer patients a better healing experience from welcome to discharge
  • Redefine care delivery and simplify daily workflows of clinical staff
  • Provide secure and reliable connectivity for patients, clinicians and devices 
  • Ensure efficiency, safety and privacy of people, data, assets and facilities

Optimise the care pathway for better outcomes

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A healing experience starts with a quality welcome followed by a smooth admission enabled by easy onboarding using secure Wi-Fi ending with a user-friendly room phone. All are essential for maintaining a link with the outside world during a hospital stay. Patient digital engagement continues within the facility with self-navigation services and interactions with the hospital and their care team via Rainbow, during their stay and after discharge.

To improve care delivery, clinical staff expect full mobility and a high performing WLAN to connect a variety of IoMT, medical equipment and devices on the move for ubiquitous access to health data. They need to simplify their daily work using tools to communicate and collaborate easily with their peers, within and beyond the ward, with nurses, and with patients. An asset tracking solution reduces time to locate people and equipment, improving efficiency and enabling more patient care time.

Hospital, clinic and nursing home CIO need to tackle public health priorities, optimize operations and ensure data security and compliance. A Digital Age Network (DAN) has a secure, robust, high-performance wired and wireless LAN infrastructure that provides a new level of performance for delivering information, location services and IoT connectivity. DANs enable outstanding patient care, optimised processes for improved outcomes.

A real-time, reliable communications system and notification server are critical for ensuring patients and staff safety. Operations can also be optimised through CPaaS integration of voice/video/chat with clinical processes.

Customer Benefits

Why do healthcare customers choose ALE?

Patients, clinical and administrative staff benefit from an enhanced user experience. Patients become participants in their care pathway and healthcare professionals deliver timely and efficient care, with:

  • Better digital engagement via hospital apps and web portals maintained with caregivers after discharge
  • Excellent mobile connectivity experience
  • Enhanced collaboration and communication

Technology supports healthcare digital transformation. An upgraded network ensures readiness to support multiple connected devices, higher resolution imaging, opening the door to new medical practices like image guided therapy or AI applications, including:

  • Higher performance, scalability, better security and efficient IoMT management
  • Increased efficiency thanks to unified network management
  • Enhanced protection of people, assets, data and buildings
  • Ubiquitous access to information on any device with the lowest latency

Foster financial sustainability in a health economy under strong pressure to continually innovate and improve service for patients and staff with:

  • Streamlined workflows, saving time and simplifying day-to-day activities
  • Optimized operational and maintenance costs
  • Reduced CAPEX thanks to flexible cloud or hybrid models delivering “as a Service” communications
Featured Customer: Thomas Holt

Thomas Holt Customer Video

We believe that our customers deserve the best technology and therefore we wanted to partner with only the very best technology providers out there. When it comes to the intersection of industry knowledge and technology, there is no better than ALE.

Alexandra Zammit, CEO, Thomas Holt

Customer References
Kent and Medway NHS and Social Care Partnership Trust image

Kent and Medway NHS

Read how KMPT supports hospital staff and patient care with increased mobility, reliable wireless, and centralized network administration.

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Emirates Specialty Hospital Customer Image

Emirates Specialty Hospital

Emirates Specialty Hospital stays ahead of the competition with a new converged network foundation supporting state-of-the-art facilities, equipment, applications and services.

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Medcare, United Emirates Customer Reference Photo


Thanks to its new converged network, which supports medical excellence and patient safety across multiple sites, Medcare can offer patients a 5-star experience.

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Care Outlook image

Care Outlook

Care Outlook required a modern-day communications solution that not only reduced montly call-bills, but also improved communication.

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