We connect ports subsystems to enable smart services for your customers and staff, in a greener world.

Today, seaports face many challenges that impact their operations, competitiveness and sustainability. To be successful, they must embrace digital transformation, which includes updating technology that complies with government regulations. This update helps increase capacity, mobility and security, while improving sustainability and efficiency. Artificial intelligence (AI) and automation also improve operations.

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise provides the building blocks to connect subsystems and provide ports with innovative services and applications. Those blocks include IT network solutions, voice communication solutions, cloud solutions and full professional services. Additionally, innovative technology around indoor geolocation, IoT communication and cloud workflow support new interaction between people, business processes and IoT.

Seaports and logistic services win with Alcatel-Lucent Rainbow

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Connected seaports and efficient terminal operations address future challenges

Rainbow CPaaS for ports solution brief

Moving from connected to smart ports:

  • Prepare sustainable future ports
  • Transform the customer experience for a transparent business-to-business relationship
  • Increase safety and security by protecting people and goods
  • Improve operational efficiency in terminals and warehouses

When smart ports mimic smart cities

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Ports comprise a large area, yet everything must be visible including power cabinets, locks, tunnels and bridges, which all need to be controlled or remotely managed. Devices need monitoring, 24/7 in all weather conditions, their energy consumption controlled using smart grid management. This global strategy paves the way to port sustainability.

ALE’s technology building blocks connect everything everywhere with a high level of cybersecurity and minimal operations thanks to ruggedized portfolio and cloud management application. The combination of Wi-Fi 6, Lora Wan, Optical Fiber, Bluetooth Low Energy, ZigBee, GPS, 3G/4G and 5G interconnection helps ports, shipyards and logistics operators maximize ROI and reduce complexity.

The smart port is coming

Web Transportation Focus Topic #1 Ports and Logistics

A seamless collaboration between stakeholders is relevant for a unique customer experience. For that reason, integration of collaboration services into existing business applications such as Port Community System through Communications Platform as-a-Service (CPaaS) enables seaport authorities, stakeholders and operators to connect and provide real-time communications capabilities.

Security is the cornerstone for a successful ports function, that’s why innovations in the Operation Control Center are essential. Communication services, Notification server and IoT interactions are the enablers of an enhanced security process. For instance, the integration of Rainbow CPaaS services into security Apps can connect with specific IoT to monitor containers’ status. Support port security team activities through a variety of security IoT devices such as intelligent video cameras for access control detection.

Operations need to be elevated to the next level driven by IoT adoption and smart Operation Control Center. The pillars of this foundation are location-based services, asset tracking, integrated communications into business process, emergency event management and efficient call dispatch task. Those elements contribute significantly to improve the operations in warehouses and terminals and provide on-time, safe and secure cargo deliveries.

Because we are committed to delivering fast, high-quality and reliable service to our customers, we hold our suppliers, who are an extension of our service, to high standards. These standards are evident in the telecommunications network designed and built by Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise. Today, we have several ongoing projects, such as adding new facilities, extending the wireless network, and enhancing network management.

M. Pascal MAILLOT, Chief Information Officer, Bolloré Africa Logistics

Customer Benefits

Why do ports and logistics customers choose ALE?

Robust network and communication infrastructures to guarantee a mission-critical network and operational communications delivering:

  • Ruggedized solutions for demanding conditions
  • Long-term support
  • High availability
  • Industry certifications

Tailored solutions to meet new ports and logistics requirements such as real-time collaboration between stakeholders, closed and personalized customer support by enriching the interaction with the staff. The smart customer relationship is possible with:

  • Easy in-app integration (CRMs) via APIs
  • Indoor geolocation and asset tracking
  • Bots and AI integration
  • Cloud and “XaaS” deployment

Rich solutions, easy to integrate in global ports and logistics subsystems, open to a large ecosystem:

  • Multi-services/multi-tenant
  • Scalable and future-proof architectures
  • Readiness to support new devices and services
  • Interoperability testing (DSPP, Rainbow API Hub)

Learn about seaport communications in the blog.


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