Digital age communication allows you to securely transform your workplace through enhanced hybrid digital interactions and data workflow.

Hybrid workplace, digitalization of interactions, and the growing importance of data are driving organisations to transform themselves for sustainable growth.

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise's Digital Age Communications improve the performance of organisations by transforming the workplace, customer interactions and information workflows.

Successful hybrid working: Working together anywhere

An increasing number of employees are working from home several days a week. This hybrid workplace requires adapting the workstation, customer interactions and information workflows in order to work together anywhere.

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The Solution
Digital collaboration instantly connects business

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The proliferation of email in hybrid working slows project work, demotivates employees and hinders mutual understanding.

With ALE’s digital age communications, your employees work together and with external contacts. They get fast results with the Rainbow collaboration solution through secure messaging, video meetings and screen sharing.

Connected solutions and objects: Ensure continuity of communications and information between all company divisions.

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Hybrid working is increasing as more employees are working together and communicating without being physically in the same place.

With ALE's connected solutions and telephones , all employees — whether they are teleworking, on site or facing customers — work together remotely and effortlessly.

E-services improve customer loyalty

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Customer interactions become e-services, that is, they primarily take place online and across a distance.  Quick response and the high quality of interactions become the drivers of lasting business interactions.

With Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise e-services , put people at the centre of your business: make it easier to connect with your experts and offer your customers an exceptional quality of interaction. This results from your employees working together to respond quickly and successfully to all requests.

Customer Benefits

Here’s why customers choose ALE for communications

  • Facilitates the transformation of your communications: ALE communications use hybrid cloud technology that connects your existing infrastructure to cloud applications for hybrid working.
  • Ensures the performance of all business functions: ALE communications adapt to all business needs thanks to a wide choice of collaboration and customer relationship applications, rugged handsets and desktop telephones
  • Adapts your communications to your business needs securely: ALE communications offer an a-la-carte, on-premises, cloud or hybrid hosting with high availability options to protect against cyber-attacks and outages.
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