Rainbow is a robust and easy-to-use communication tool connecting people, objects and processes to deliver key business outcomes to customers. 

Alcatel-Lucent Rainbow is an easily deployed, secure, relationship-building engine that facilitates quick, seamless collaboration between its users. It allows users to swiftly interact with each other through chat, voice or video and to share screens and files with astonishing ease.

But Rainbow goes beyond simple messaging and sharing. Rainbow leverages the latest technologies to securely integrate into your organization’s existing business processes, applications, and workflows, while streamlining user adoption, minimizing user disruption, and solving customer challenges. Every Enterprise faces opportunities and challenges from cloud communication, security threats, crisis, IOT, and artificial intelligence. Rainbow helps you connect to the future through optimized time-management, secure platform access, and strict data integrity.

Optimal Time Management

Rainbow removes the anxiety associated with the use of new technologies that exchange large amounts of information.

Meeting bots, automatic transcription services, intelligent routing, and speech-to-text analysis allow Rainbow users to save significant time, increasing availability for added-value activities.

Feel safe

Our solutions and applications are designed to eliminate stress via integrated AI and NLP capabilities. Rainbow is able to:

  • Logically sort information
  • Identify key action points
  • Provide on the fly, real-time insights
  • Make online meetings more productive with a built-in timekeeper


Data Integrity & Privacy

We respect privacy. We don’t use data to monetize additional services and we respect international privacy laws, including GDPR. 

Our customers’ data is private, safe and secured with us. Only our customers handle their own data. 

Transparency and traceability are critical elements of Rainbow: All regulatory requirements are respected and ethical handling of AI and other advanced technologies upheld.

Rainbow App

The Rainbow app is a cloud-based UC service (UCaaS) that makes additional collaboration services available to users, regardless of their existing communications systems. 

As an overlay solution, Rainbow brings rich feature capabilities, like contact management, presence, chat, audio/video call, screen and file sharing. And it's simple to deploy: users can download and install it in a single click.

Rainbow takes a hybrid cloud approach, integrating with Alcatel-Lucent OXO Connect and OmniPCX Enterprise, as well as non-ALE PBXs.

Rainbow is also an open communication platform as a service (CPaaS) with a set of APIs allowing you to integrate Rainbow's powerful collaboration tools into your existing in-house applications and business processes.

Worldwide Deployment

  • 22 Data centers
  • 200 Billion events triggered
  • 1.5 Million registered users
  • 100 Million WebRTC Minutes
  • 99.87% uptime

Rainbow's journey

ALE's passion for the first 100 years was connecting people. Rainbow will continue that passion for the next 100.

  • September 2016: First MVP
  • February 2017: Established a founding team of 10 ALE employees
  • December 2017:  Worldwide infrastructure deployment
  • June 2018: First hybrid PBX connected
  • February 2019: Over one million Rainbow users registered
  • May 2019: Passed 50 three-weeks sprints
  • July 2019: Included in 2019 Gartner UCaaS Magic Quadrant


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