The ALE video surveillance network solution takes the complexity out of network setup for a streamlined deployment process.

The ALE video surveillance network provides a friction-free network that is simple to deploy and manage.

We deliver secure and reliable connections using ALE with built-in fault tolerance using Shortest Path Bridging (SPB) and Intelligent Fabric.

The Solution

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  • Simple: Pre-configured, proven video deployment templates eliminate manual errors and decreases operational costs
  • Secure: ALE Internet of Things (IoT) containment provides secure connectivity and access for authorized users, devices and applications
  • Reliable: SPB uses all network resources to reduce, or eliminate network bottlenecks and provide a superior network performance
  • Intelligent Fabric: Eliminates downtime caused by a down-link or node

Customer Benefits

Here’s why customers choose ALE

  • Reduce IT costs, increase productivity with quick surveillance network components deployment
  • Eliminate blurry video and footage lapse during network outages or peak data usage
  • IoT containment improves security and reduces network intrusions

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