Solutions and devices seamlessly connect on-site and remotely for secure workplace access from anywhere

Hybrid work is increasing. More employees now work and communicate wherever they are without being physically in the same place.

With ALE's connected solutions and telephones, all employees— whether they are working from home, on site or on the front line with customers— work well together, remotely and effortlessly.

Catalogue of applications and mobile handsets

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Discover our collaboration applications and rugged mobile handsets for hybrid working and frontline staff.
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The Solution

Improve performance by connecting all employees

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The workstation has evolved to be usable anywhere and is enriched with new tools for collaborative work and remote communications.

Business phones facilitate call management and hybrid working. Their screens are larger and the sound quality benefits from increased signal processing capabilities. These phones are connected on site or at home. They offer a "hot-desking" mode for shared offices. Smartphones and computers can be connected to them to take advantage of the exceptional speakerphone mode.

Front-line staff are easily reachable thanks to Rainbow on smartphones or rugged wireless handsets. DECT and WLAN cordless handsets are robust, dedicated to communications and have a long battery life.

Cloud communications accelerate your digital transformation

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How do you improve company performance quickly and without risk?

With the cloud, ALE digital age communications becomes a service to be consumed per user and per month. The cloud makes implementation simple for all employees wherever they are. You automatically benefit from new features as they become available. The solution easily adapts to your business needs and your budget.

Unified communications ensure continuity of hybrid work

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An increasing number of employees are working from home for a few days a week. This "hybrid work" mode requires adapting the way they work to ensure continuity of communication between all employees and with customers.

With ALE's Unified Communications, all employees, whether they are working from home, on site or on the front line with customers, are easy for your customers to reach.

CPaaS and IoT: Improve the performance of business teams in real time

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Connected objects and interconnected business processes produce information that gives your teams a competitive advantage provided that this data is integrated in real time into their business applications.

Network infrastructures and ALE connectors connect the Internet of Things (IoT) to business applications securely and automatically.

ALE's Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS) provides a complete development framework for collecting notifications, analysing them and distributing them in real time to employees and their business applications.

Customer Benefits

Here’s why customers choose ALE

  • Accelerates your digital transformation with cloud or hybrid communications that adapt to your business requirements.
  • Improves the customer experience and communications between all business departments. Wireless handsets and desk phones are rugged and reliable. They provide access to the full range of ALE call management capabilities and are ready for hybrid working.
  • Ensures continuity of communication between all employees on site, while travelling or working from home. ALE's communications servers connect to the Rainbow Unified Communications Cloud, so all employees can work and communicate together.
  • Adapt your communications to your business needs thanks to the openness of our solutions to developers and business applications.

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