Increase efficiency by enabling digital business operations with the Internet of Things and discover the possibilities of a safe interconnected environment

Billions of connected devices are already deployed and this surge in Internet of Things (IoT) is not slowing down any time soon. IoT is changing our lives, the world we live in, and the way we do business. It is increasingly the foundation and enabler for improved customer experiences and optimized digital business processes.

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise provides an automated solution that efficiently and securely onboards IoT devices while protecting the network. No matter the industry, our solutions enable you to connect a growing number of devices in a smart, secure and optimized way to provide innovative services and enter the IoT-enabled communications paradigm.

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A Comprehensive Approach to the IoT Challenge

This whitepaper looks at how IoT is transforming enterprises and how ALE Digital Age Networking manages IoT devices
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The Solution

Network control in a hyperconnected world

The limited processing power of most connected objects prevents these IoT devices from having embedded, sophisticated security capabilities. This creates two significant problems: devices are hard to configure and they are easy to hack.

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Once an object is compromised, the whole enterprise network becomes vulnerable to Trojan horses, attacks and threats. When you consider that enterprises connect thousands, if not millions, of these objects, the challenge becomes clear: configuration and management of individual devices is totally unrealistic, and the security risks are enormous.

Three major steps to connect, manage, and properly control any IoT device must be followed.

Discover and classify

Each object connected to the network must be discovered and classified. Digital Age Networking provides the ability to access a very large (29+ million) device database to immediately identify the IoT device and automatically provision and apply the appropriate configuration policies.

Virtual segmentation

It is critical to segment a single physical network infrastructure into separate virtual networks(containers), to ensure that each service or application has its own dedicated segment, ensuring proper function and secure operations.

Continuous monitoring

The network monitors behaviour to ensure that the IoT devices and applications are functioning as desired. Each authorized object is stored in an inventory. This enables IT to know exactly and instantly how many devices are connected to the network. It is important to continuously monitor a connected network object so that immediate action can be taken if there is a deviation from usual behaviour.

In the event of unusual activity, the network can take actions such as disconnecting the faulty device, sending a notification to the network administrator, or changing the destination of the dedicated IoT container for further verification.

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Embrace IoT to automate workflows and business processes

To use IoT devices efficiently, not only do you need to connect the devices, you need to use technologies that will translate received data into actions for the user. Notification servers, IoT Hub and/or CPaaS (Communications Platform as a Service) provide the intelligence that transforms IoT-collected data into action on the connected device, enabling automated workflows.

For example, a sensor in a hotel room detects that the room is too cold. The notification server and CPaaS mix assesses this information and sends a text message to a pre-defined, hotel employee.

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In the end, IoT opens the door to many possibilities if it’s used safely and combined with other powerful technologies such as CPaaS, collaboration tools, Digital Age Network solutions and more. Within the scope of these possibilities, we find critical use of IoT in many industries:

Education – make IoT the key pillar of your crisis management strategy
Improve security and campus safety through rapid emergency event notices. All alerts must be managed as quickly as possible, be it a call from an emergency contact point or an IoT trigger. By correlating different notifications, potentially through artificial intelligence, the operational and security teams can make the best decision in a timely manner, limiting accidents and financial risks.

Healthcare – explore the possibilities of Internet of Medical Things
Use a certified medical device alarm and notification solution, such as IQ messenger, to connect and monitor your clinical assets (such as patient monitor, or infusion pump) and smart objects. Reduce fatigue among healthcare staff due to the increase in the number of alarms and generate alarms from ALE DECT and VoWLAN handsets.

Transportation – optimize high traffic operations
Connect passengers, operations and security teams and ecosystem stakeholders as well as business processes thanks to IoT coupled with CPaaS capabilities to transform your passengers’ and staff’s experiences and create new revenue opportunities.

Smart Cities – protect citizens and enhance their experiences with a smart connected city
The public sector is highly impacted by the growing rise of digital transformation and thus needs to respond to an increasing demand of connectivity. IoT provides access to this service and opens the door to many opportunities. Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise and Wellness Techgroup partnered to connect WeLight, a smart lighting system, that monitors and controls public lighting infrastructure.

Internet of Things in industries
Whether in a hospital along a care pathway, in a hotel throughout the guest stay or on a campus supporting student learning, the Internet of Things is always present.


On-board devices along the care pathway

Securely integrate your growing numbers of IoMT devices with safe solutions, so that only known and authorized devices have access to a healthcare network. Thanks to IoT, you’ll also be able to generate interconnectivity within your healthcare teams and patients via alarms and notifications.



IoT in hotels: driver of personalized experiences

In the hospitality industry, the “hotel Internet of Things” experiences an increasing ecosystem of room sensors and automation devices. A smart room that delivers high-speed, high-quality Wi-Fi, with easy-to-use, non-intrusive in-room automation offers a winning formula to provide guests with an unforgettable experience.


Intelligent Campus

Smart but safe campus

Provide rich communications to teachers, administrators and staff to enable a continuous dialogue between students and parents as well as the overall ecosystem. And more importantly, improve security and campus safety through rapid emergency event notices, be it a call from an emergency contact point or an IoT trigger.


Smart Cities

IoT: the key actor of government cybersecurity management

Digital Transformation has brought an increasing number of connected devices to the equation, which resulted in a need for a network infrastructure with adequate technology and security foundations. Connected IoT devices must now cope with smart cities biggest challenge of cybersecurity.



Interconnect your transportation ecosystem

Drive efficiency across all transportation systems with the support of IoT and all the associated technologies that have the potential to automatically onboard IoT devices, provide bin sensors in airports or deploy CCTV systems in ITS.


Customer Benefits

Here’s why customers choose ALE

Secure and simple deployment of IoT devices

Large IoT systems can contain thousands of devices or sensors, and manually provisioning and managing all these endpoints is complex and error-prone. Automated onboarding enables the network infrastructure to dynamically recognize devices and assign them to the appropriate secured network.

Integration with business operations to automate workflow and processes

Your company can benefit from proactive maintenance provided through IoT devices. With connected assets and people, you can anticipate uptimes, downtimes and understand better how your network and communications systems work.

Comprehensive portfolio

Technologies today are evolving faster than at any other time in history. Companies must adapt quickly to the new demands placed on them by unfamiliar technologies.
With the right mix of network, communications and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions from Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, you can address the challenges faced by your company and benefit from these new technologies.

Grow your environmental sustainability

By using IoT devices combined with smart technologies from Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, you can quickly intervene when unusual utility data is detected, preventing excessive energy use or resource losses while increasing your sustainability and diminishing your carbon footprint by using fewer resources.

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