We connect rail, air, ITS, ports and logistics transportation subsystems to enable smarter services for your customers and your people.

Innovative digital transformation enables operators to move from connected to smart transportation in a secure and sustainable way.

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise accelerates the digital transformation for air, rail, ITS, ports and logistics operators around the world. We help them to connect their transportation subsystems with technology building blocks enabling smarter services for their staff, customers and passengers.

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ALE insights on transportation for the 21st century

Smart Transportation solutions designed for the digital age:

  • Innovate for superior passenger experience
  • Increase safety and security for passengers, staff and assets
  • Improve operational efficiency

Deploy smarter, safer and more efficient transport subsystems

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Today, cloud services are vital for smart services development and for next level passenger experiences. Rainbow, our cloud solution enriches passenger applications or kiosks with multimedia communication features integrated via APIs to enhance interactions between passengers and staff. 
Through smart services, passengers with reduced mobility experience a safer and hassle-free journey as more personalized and timely assistance can be offered with location-based services and asset tracking. 

Safety and security is priority number one for transportation operators. Operation control centres are now empowered with rich communications (conferencing, chat, video) using the Dispatch Console and Emergency Notification Server. Used together, the various media improve reaction and coordination in emergency situations. Adding recording capabilities supports investigations, enhancing the internal security process and providing a way to share evidence with external authorities.

Increase your operational efficiency by embracing IoT to capture data and automate notification thus simplify. This allows you to be more proactive to external events while keeping away the cyberthreats vulnerabilities with MACsec. Facilitate your staff’s job in a cost-effective way with the deployment of modern operation control centre innovations.

For instance, equip your maintenance agents with video communication to provide remote assistance. This allows you to enhance real-time interaction with experts and gain 20% efficiency. This reduces downtime and increases repair success rate. Plus, easily manage your mission-critical network and communications with only a small team through a single pane of glass using a cloud management platform with AI integration.

Discover the future of Transportation

Customer Benefits

Why do transportation customers choose ALE?

Transportation operators trust our technology to maximise interactions between people, processes and IoTs.

Robust network and communication infrastructure guarantees a mission-critical network and operational communications delivering:

  • Ruggedized solutions for demanding conditions
  • Long-term support
  • High availability
  • Transport industry certifications

New ways of customer interaction, personalized with contextual information enriching the communication between stakeholders. Redefine the passengers’ journey with:

  • Easy in-app integration via APIs
  • Indoor geolocation and asset tracking
  • Bots and AI integration
  • Cloud and “XaaS” deployment

Rich solutions, easy to integrate in global transport subsystems, open to a large ecosystem:

  • Multi-services/multi-tenant
  • Scalable and future-proof architectures
  • Readiness to support new devices and services
  • DSPP, Rainbow API Hub

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Featured customer: Saint Gotthard Tunnel

Saint Gotthard Tunnel EN Customer Video

This tunnel is designed to last for 100 years. I am sure that the Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise colleagues will manage it successfully. They had the last 8 years well under control. They will continue for the next 92 years, or longer. We are also very proud of the AVA Digital award and Muse Creative Award won by Koenigsfilm for our video promoting the partnership between Gotthard tunnel and Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise.

Peter Huber, Project Leader, Transtec Gotthard

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