Digital age technologies take businesses into the new digital era with a network foundation that delivers the services needed to grow your business.

Digital age technologies that improve efficiency are being adopted by businesses at an increasing rate. To stay competitive, enterprises need to integrate the latest mobility, data analytics, cloud, and Internet of Things (IoT) digital innovations into their operations, processes, and computing systems.

This trend, known as digital transformation, enables organizations to evolve to an infrastructure that supports connectivity for digital applications, IoT and user devices, while supporting workflow optimization and differentiated products and services, resulting in improved customer and employee satisfaction.

Automation is key

Networks are more mission critical than ever before. With the need for the network to do more, it is essential to automate as many processes as possible to reduce workloads, increase efficiency and decrease potential human errors.

Digital Age Networking in Enterprises

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The Solution

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Digital Age Networking

At ALE, we believe that the network should be built on three key pillars:

  • An Autonomous Network that easily, automatically, and securely connects people, processes, applications, and objects.
  • Secure and efficient onboarding of IoT devices using segmentation techniques that minimize the risk of having the entire network being compromised.
  • Business Innovation through workflow automation simplifying the creation and roll-out of new automated digital business processes to enhanced productivity and enable new revenue streams.
Digital Age Networking in Industries

ALE Digital Age Networking delivers solutions that address the needs of healthcare, hospitality, education, transportation and government providers.

Digital Age Networking in healthcare: Optimize the patient care pathway and improve staff efficiency through innovative network services such as wayfinding and medical asset tracking, which run on top of a reliable, secure and high-performance Wi-Fi infrastructure.

Digital Age Networking in hospitality: Improve staff efficiency, simplify IT operations and help management achieve maximum occupancy. It delivers comprehensive mobility as well as the latest in-room automation services to ensure a memorable guest experience. In addition, hoteliers can increase revenue, and support competitive differentiation while maintaining a low total cost of ownership (TCO).

Digital Age Networking in education: Optimize campus operations by enabling IoT systems, simplifying staff activities, and reducing the overall cost per student. It can also help improve school and campus security.

Digital Age Networking in transportation: Provides a foundation for operators to digitally transform, without restriction, and enables a mission-critical network to support advanced services. It allows them to easily and securely connect IoT devices, and it provides the information operators need to deliver the next level experience that passengers deserve.

Digital Age Networking in government: Government certified solutions enabling organizations to deploy secure and resilient network infrastructures. It enables government entities to deliver the next level experience that citizens and employees demand.

The OmniSwitch switches are the part of the brain that makes us work. All our ALE switches are vital in all the connections and delivering services across our network. ALE provides a great piece of equipment. My engineers say they like the simplicity of it and most importantly, the support they get.

Mel Poole, Director of Ocala Fiber Network

Customer Benefits

Here’s why customers choose ALE:

  • Streamlined portfolio through a single OS Edge to Core and unified LAN, WLAN and branch security management
  • Deployment flexibility in office, outdoor and industrial environments, with management either on premises or in the cloud
  • Simple network automation and integration with digital workflows

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