Increase high capacity data transport with secure optical networking solutions that enable high-bandwidth applications and multi-media devices.

High-capacity transport between data centres is necessary for reliable transmission of high bandwidth applications such as multi-media devices and other IoT devices. Data centres use high-end DWDM optical network solutions for transporting multiple 10G/40G/100G services to deliver high bandwidth. As data capacity increases, the need for economical rack space and power has become crucial for cost effective, scalable networks.

The Alcatel-Lucent OmniSwitch family provides a scalable network solution that is power efficient and requires a minimal deployment footprint for enterprise WANs. All aspects of the enterprise are connected through WANs, whether it is from headquarters to branch offices, manufacturing plants to supply chains or customers to sales.

Alcatel-Lucent Optical Networking Solutions

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Build cost efficient enterprise private optical networks with low complex operations
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Data centre interconnect

Data centre interconnect (DCI) is an important use case of the enterprise WAN, linking data centres for critical applications, such as business continuity, disaster recovery, or remote analytic computing.

The Solution

The joint DWDM solution delivers easy-to-deploy solutions for many enterprise networking use cases, including:

  • Enterprise WAN connectivity enables aggregation and transport of multiple applications or services onto higher rate optical links for connection to various offices, operations, data centres and internet exchanges.
  • Enterprise self-build DCI lets enterprises, using leased dark fibre, easily construct data centre interconnections to enterprise-owned or multi-tenant data centres.
  • Enterprise managed DCI with a service provider allows service providers to build enterprise dedicated connectivity solutions with ease and at low cost.

This Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise purpose built optical platform delivers:

  • Enterprise connectivity based on Nokia WaveLite product family
  • Muxponder and aggregator modules: WaveLite Metro20, WaveLite Access 200, WaveLite Metro 200
  • Amplifier and DWDM multiplier modules: WaveLite Amplifie & WaveLite Mux16
  • WaveLite products are compact, 1RU-high chassis with low power consumption and AC or DC power
  • The products are configured through an on-demand, user-friendly, web-based interface.
Customer Benefits

Here’s why customers choose ALE:

Efficiency: Modular hardware architecture that allows saving of unused physical space.

Resilience: Protection against unexpected network failures.

Ease of use: Simple to build, easy to manage solution with intuitive interface.

Security: AES-256 client and line-side encryption.

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