The right borderless collaboration solution helps companies unfold their teams’ full potential anytime, anywhere

Offer your teams the borderless collaboration they need to maintain and grow your business with solutions from the network to the cloud. When all your systems are communicating clearly with each other, your users are too.

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise solutions deliver powerful and secured communications capabilities to support your business, all furnished by qualified partners and with flexible business models.

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The Solution

What borderless collaboration can do for you

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Every organisation is unique. Every company or institution has different communication needs. Thus, every organization needs a customized collaboration solution.

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise offers an end-to-end solutions portfolio that enables you to benefit from cloud communications, communications products and network products seamlessly, on-premises, hybrid or on the cloud.

Communicate remotely as if in the office

Rainbow and Rainbow Office powered by RingCentral* each offer you powerful collaboration features to always stay connected:

  • Route your office number to your home or mobile devices
  • Maintain same interactions with customers and suppliers
  • Transfer calls easily in one click
  • Carry-out high-quality video meetings with customers, partners or colleagues from home
  • Call from any device using audio and video
  • Share screen and files for efficient interactions

Benefit from strict data confidentiality agreements

*available in France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Netherlands, Spain, Austria, Belgium

Add collaboration to your Business Telephony

Integrate always-on collaboration capabilities into your professional Business Telephony system to create a more robust system.

  • Telephony digitally shifted to integrate collaboration capacities
  • Phone capacities remain the same
  • Elegant and stylish designs
  • Office phones become true assistants that can support any type of conversation
  • Stable audio quality

Adapt your collaboration solution to your sector

Thanks to our experience in customized solutions for our clients, we have enlarged our portfolio to offer the following industry-focused solutions:

  • Rainbow Classroom creates a virtual classroom experience from a distance, and directly into your Learning Management System.
  • Rainbow Alert delivers instant notifications with an emergency level to users, plus receipt acknowledgment. Typically used in healthcare environments.
  • Rainbow Room reproduces the business meeting experience and integrates into your Smart TV to seamlessly connect remote colleagues in your company.
  • Rainbow Workflow for businesses and industries that want to empower their connected devices and turn their data into actions.
  • SaaS Connectors enables seamless integration of Rainbow capabilities into existing infrastructure.

Data sovereignty – your top priority

As cyberthreats grow, so does the demand for security. Depending on your company size, the sensitivity of your data and your security expectations, you can choose from different hosting models.

All Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise products and solutions are data-safe and are built and maintained with strict compliance to security standards.

Upon request, you can benefit from Rainbow Edge, an on-premises private cloud solution with a flexible architecture that lets you select a region/country local data centre, a connected edge or a standalone edge.

Customer Benefits

Here’s why customers choose ALE

Have an experienced subject matter expert with you on your digital collaboration journey

Digital technology is quickly changing. Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise experts and dedicated partners deliver a 360° consulting experience.

Consider security first

Security should be a key selection factor in your collaboration solution search. Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise solutions are built with strict security standards from product development to product maintenance while deployed.

Access to customized products

With the Rainbow CPaaS offer, you benefit from solutions that are designed for your industry, your company and your employees.

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