Rainbow Edge by Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise provides flexible on-premises private cloud options enabling unified communications and collaborations.

As data privacy awareness grows, so does demand for highly secure business communications solutions. Cybersecurity is a critical topic for businesses as Work From Home becomes the new working normal along with its increased potential for attacks and intrusions.

Rainbow Edge is an on-premises private cloud solution by Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise. Flexible architecture lets you select a Region/Country Local data center, a Connected Edge, or a Standalone Edge, depending on your requirements. Also, subscription options provide flexibility to meet your business and budget needs.


  • Flexible architecture provides secure on-premises private cloud options
  • Three subscription levels to match your needs


  • Highly secure platform with option to host on a self-selected data center platform
  • Platform benefits from ALE expert support
  • Guaranteed privacy with options based on your privacy demand
  • Flexible architecture built to accommodate businesses of different sizes
  • Variety of subscription offerings for cost optimization


Local and international regulation compliant

  • ISO27001
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • HDS Certified

Available models

  • Region/Country Local data center – ALE hosted and operated data center
  • Connected Edge - private on-premises data storage with access to global Rainbow application infrastructure
  • Standalone Edge - private on-premises data storage and standalone application infrastructure
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