Digital government solutions connect communities and agencies to support digital transformation in the public sector.

Digital transformation in the public sector is essential to provide modern services to citizens. Are you a city, a local or central government agency, a public safety or defence organisation looking to transform?

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise public sector solutions for digital citizen experience, connected and sustainable cities, next generation public safety and connected defence will help you comply with strict requirements and provide a secure experience.

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Transform the public services experience

  • Connect citizens and employees with friendly, safe, digital interactions
  • Power connected cities and communities for sustainable living
  • Anticipate emergencies to keep citizens safe
  • Transform defence to better protect citizens and military staff

Make public services more citizen-centric

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Digital interactions transform the public sector and can make citizen experiences safe and simple. Municipalities can even digitally automate recurrent requests and citizen welcome. This digital transformation also supports efficient remote work and collaboration allowing services to continue, even in crisis situations. Secure services from the cloud are also possible and are easy to adopt and use.

Digital networks also help cities develop in a sustainable manner. A growing population and large increases in remote work shift the demand for bandwidth, from city centres to residential areas. Hyper-connected cities depend on city digital networks to function well, be easy to manage and secure, while addressing growing connectivity demands from users and IoT devices alike.

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise technology also increases public safety and helps anticipate crisis situations. We can help you transform emergency management and be 112/911 compliant. Centralized notifications continuously monitor alarm sources while artificial intelligence analyses emergency contexts and digital collaboration tools enhance intervention speed. Public spaces and buildings can now use location-based services and wayfinding to coordinate evacuations.

Defence goes digital for more efficient operations

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Connected devices and equipment are changing defence operations by using data analytics and connected objects to drive strategic decisions. Communications and networks need to be secure while operations are kept simple. Our connected defence solutions and defence-certified equipment offer mission-critical, encrypted communications to field and office teams, on top of a resilient and secured network.

Customer Benefits

How do ALE digital government solutions help the public sector?

Citizens enjoy easy to use and available public services:

  • 24/7 public services on apps and websites offer convenience and safety
  • Smart and sustainable buildings are pleasant to live and work in
  • Powerful, secure Wi-Fi ensures instant connectivity anytime, anywhere

Public service employees enjoy modernised services:

  • Digital workspaces power public service continuity and citizen focus
  • Collaboration tools enable better coordination between services or teams
  • Easy to use tools accelerate the adoption of new ways of work

City and services managers embrace transformation with confidence with security-by design, GDPR-compliance, key security certifications:

  • Data stays 100% private
  • Scalable and high-available networks adapt to growth and ensure service continuity
  • Flexible UC solution, deployed in the cloud or hybrid, answers different security requirements
  • Ruggedized equipment ensures outdoor or harsh conditions projects success

Elected representatives respect budgets and requirements

  • Comply with central and local government, public safety and defence regulations
  • Respect budget requirements with flexible business models: cloud, on-premises or hybrid
  • Grow citizen satisfaction and confidence in public services

Secure your digital services in the cloud to maintain citizen confidence. Discover  how to respect data privacy and security requirements with cloud solutions for the public sector.

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Featured Customer: Scottish Government

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The robust nature of our network infrastructure has ensured we can confidently support over 40 public services agencies in Scotland. Organisations like Food Standard Scotland, Transport Scotland, Marine Scotland, Forestry Scotland all use our desktop solution underpinned by Alcatel-Lucent technology.

Mark Hagart - Head of Data Centre and Network Services - iTECS - Scottish Government

Customer References
Stadt Munster customer image

Stadt Münster

Modern WLAN technology from Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise delivers mobile connectivity for schools as a further step towards the digitalisation of schools.

  • Government

Ayuntamiento de Arroyomolinos reference image 480x480

Ayuntamiento de Arroyomolinos

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise was able to provide an all-in-one solution by giving the customer a platform which contains a communication server, a management system and a fax server.

  • Government

Fukuoka City customer reference image 480x480

Fukuoka City

Thanks to its new free city-wide Wi-Fi, Fukuoka has improved the visitor experience and stimulated business tourism.

  • Government

Ville de la Tronche, France Customer Reference Photo

Ville de La Tronche

The town of La Tronche modernized its communications facilities with Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise voice and data solutions.

  • Government

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