Keep your students and faculty safe, and their information secure.

Comprehensive campus security is complex, but it boils down to creating an IT safety net focused on two things:

  1. Cybersecurity to protect your campus infrastructure and information.
  2. Campus safety to ensure the well-being of your people and property. 

How can you create this safety net and maintain an open and collaborative learning environment?


Safe Campus Notification

Cybersecurity Solutions for Education

Safeguard your information and infrastructure 

Keep pace with security threats and challenges with an easy-to-deploy and manage risk-based strategy.

  • Automatically enroll and manage users and devices 
  • Prevent malware from infecting your key IT infrastructure 
  • Enable MACSec encryption for datacenter communications

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Cybersecurity priorities

Simplify the complexity and risk of cybersecurity in your educational establishment by focusing on these priorities:

Cybersecurity Documents
Safe Campus solutions

Make every campus a safe campus

Secure your school through reliable, easy-to-use and cost-effective communications. 

  • Ensure immediate awareness and response 
  • Coordinate with first responders
  • Increase communication with swift community messaging
  • Deploy a reliable communications network
Safe Campus priorities

Protect your students, faculty and campus and improve response time by focusing on these priorities: 

Products for a Safe Campus

Five recommendations for a robust campus security strategy:

  1. Implement risk-based security policies
  2. Get IoT-ready
  3. Identify code vulnerabilities
  4. Set up strong network access controls
  5. Implement reliable, easy-to-use and cost-effective communications

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