Protect your students and staff with tools that identify, react, coordinate and alert during any crisis and delivers education continuity.

An intelligent campus is safe and resilient. Secure your school with an effective emergency notification plan based on awareness, coordination, collaboration and notification. Improve your critical response time through reliable, easy-to-use, cost-effective communication networks. Crises disrupt education, so creating an IT safety net ensures continued education and collaborative learning.

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise helps your school district or university prepare a response to any emergency and enable continuity of learning. Focus on efficient and secure remote communications and IT infrastructure combined with thoughtful planning and training to empower student success.

Campus resiliency solutions empower student safety:

  • Increase responsiveness for quick and accurate emergency communication
  • Improve coordination and share information with first responders
  • Increase communication with swift, mass notification of the community
  • Enable continuity of learning whether learning is on-campus, remote, or hybrid
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Create a safer campus

Manage crisis through awareness, coordination, and multiple mass communication modes

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Make every campus a safe campus

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Every school wants a safe learning environment. Having a powerful emergency communication solution in place reduces response time and allows you to focus on critical decision making.  Increased awareness and responsiveness allows you to identify events happening on campus and manage your response.

Safety is also enhanced through improved coordination and communication, which means immediately sharing critical information with the right people, especially first responders. Saving time means saving lives.

Increased communication through swift, mass notification through various channels keeps students, parents and faculty also informed in real time.

Continuity of learning through remote learning has become critical to the health and safety of students and teachers. A virtual classroom experience, with access to the same tools at home that are available on campus, is essential for remote learning. Deliver a personalized, secure learning environment that students and teachers demand, even in hybrid situations.

The ALE ENS solution has cut seven minutes from our response time. Do you know how important seven minutes are during an emergency?

Mike Anderson, District Technology Director

Customer Benefits

How do we help education customers?

A “safe” campus doesn’t just react to an event through mass notification. You must be aware of critical events, coordinate and collaborate with response teams, and deliver a unified message to both personal and campus devices. Combine the functionality of unified communications with enhanced device integration, notification and emergency calling to cut response time and deliver a safe campus environment.

How do we help Higher Education customers?

  • Awareness: Enable non-stop coordinated monitoring and awareness of abnormal or emergency events
  • Coordination: Integrate and monitor IoT devices, safety and security systems
  • Collaboration: Deliver coordinated emergency response and coordination thorough innovative communications
  • Continuity: Ensure safety and social distancing with easy-to-use technology

How do we help Early Education/K-12 customers?

  • Planning: Develop risk-based security plans that address the needs of each individual campus
  • Communication: Connect teachers, parents and students instantly using multiple messaging methods 
  • Coordination: Reach the right people at the right time in the right place
  • Notification: Deploy coordinated response, notification and evacuation
  • Continuity: Provide consistent, quality education services whether in class, at home or as a hybrid



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