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Cloud-based communications improve company-wide collaboration and enable you to operate in a flexible, secure and cost-effective way.

The Solution

80% of people surveyed by McKinsey said they enjoyed working from home, and 41% said they’re more productive.
McKinsey, Reimagining the office and work life after COVID-19

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Rainbow Office powered by RingCentral

Rainbow Office in today’s new workplace

Workplaces need communications solutions that are easy-to-use and flexible. Rainbow Office addresses these requirements with a first-in-class service.

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Digital Age Communications

Navigating Digital Age Communications in the new normal

Today the question is not ’if’ but rather ‘when and how’ digital age communications should be implemented in the global enterprise operational model.

Rainbow Office powered by RingCentral

Cloud platforms enabled businesses during lockdowns

The fact that businesses could maintain activities during lockdown due to cloud platforms demonstrates the importance of future-proofing infrastructure.

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Rainbow Office powered by RingCentral

Europe Gets an Essentials Update to Rainbow Office

ALE launched a new entry-level service plan, called Rainbow Office Essentials, across Europe for businesses seeking the key features of a unified communications offering – phone and messaging – at an affordable rate.

The Opportunity for Change: Leveraging New Communications Technology

2020 has been a confusing and chaotic year for everyone.

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