Cloud-based communications improve company-wide collaboration and enable you to operate in a flexible, secure and cost-effective way.

Companies must think ahead and future-proof their business through digital transformation by protecting communications with a strong cloud infrastructure.

Thanks to an end-to-end portfolio, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise offers public and private cloud solutions that meet the needs of your company, now and in the future.

The cloud as the foundation of your communication

Companies are evaluating digital communications tools either because of a crisis or because it is part of their core strategy. Remote working is now common and in-the-cloud communications services are about to become common practice.


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The ability to adapt is critical for persistence. Think ahead and get ready with a long-term plan.

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The Solution

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80% of people surveyed by McKinsey said they enjoyed working from home, and 41% said they’re more productive.

McKinsey, Reimagining the office and work life after COVID-19

A unique a-la-carte portfolio

A variety of strategies exist for building a coherent infrastructure that ranges from public to private cloud. These strategies are based on collaboration tools that are easy to install and use and empower existing communication ecosystems.

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise can build a secure, personalised offer for you from a complete range of solutions meeting your specific current and future needs.

Rainbow Office powered by RingCentral – all-in one UCaaS solution

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Grow your business from anywhere with a complete, easy-to-use and manage, cloud business communications solution.

Rainbow Office powered by RingCentral is an all-in-one UCaaS solution offering secure modern communications on any device. You can collaborate from anywhere – by phone, message, and video. Backed by comprehensive services, Rainbow Office is complemented with market leading communications and networking products from Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise’s portfolio for a complete digital transformation.

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In a world where everyone can work everywhere, now you can be more connected than ever

Having such a unique centenary experience in real-time communication makes Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise one of the best in understanding the stakes of shifting to the cloud. We understand you can be at different steps of your digital journey with communication ecosystem; and we thus have the offer that suits your environment, with either a fully cloud-based offer or hybrid one.

Build your communication ecosystem to shift to a secure cloud, based on your starting point – CPE or cloud-based. Reach out to Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise if you want to know more.

Rainbow CPaaS as the vertical enabler for on-demand solution

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Experience applications designed specifically for your industry, such as healthcare, hospitality, government, education, transportation and others. Rainbow CPaaS gives you the option to customise your solution and get access to a tailored offering.

The Rainbow CPaaS offer is made of a set of dedicated solutions such as:

  • Rainbow Workflow; connect human, objects and processes to build new services and make your IoT devices smarter by making them trigger actions
  • SaaS Connectors; enrich your existing system with real-time collaboration and communication capabilities with Rainbow within your working environment
  • Rainbow Alert; prioritize your messaging system thanks to audio alerts and manage critical situations more efficiently

Network – explore the potential of a cloud-based network and discover the power of Internet of Things (IoT) and location-based services

With OmniVista Cirrus, you manage your network ecosystem with a simple, secure and cloud-based solution which enables you to monitor your switch and access point infrastructure. You take benefit from IoT via notifications, analytics and alarms that can be triggered by IoT devices.

Finally, you can use location-based services to optimize your asset usage, secure them and even create new revenue streams.

Secure your business with safe communication solutions

Rainbow Edge, an on-premises private cloud solution based on a flexible architecture, that lets you select a local data centre or host the solution on-premise, as a connected or a standalone edge.

All Rainbow products are developed and tested in a sandbox environment before release and strictly follow GDPR and ISO27001 standards. Rainbow is also HDS certified, which means that healthcare providers can safely use the application, as all data is stored on servers that can protect sensitive data such as patient health information.

Customer Benefits

Here’s why customers choose ALE

  • Complete portfolio to simplify infrastructure management
  • Flexible offer via on-premises, hybrid or full cloud offer
  • Security from the core to the edge
  • Asset safety and user integrity thanks to IoT, notifications, alarms and more
  • Industry specific requirements prepared for unique issues that your organization might face
  • Workflow and business processes optimisation to link the right processes and communication streams together
  • Use of analytics to anticipate user and asset behaviour, detecting threats and increasing overall system safety.
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