Recreate the physical classroom in cyberspace with real-time collaboration that seamlessly integrates with your learning management system.

Virtual classrooms are mandatory for schools today to deliver seamless study in person, remotely, or HyFlex during crisis periods and everyday learning. Remote learning requires an intuitive, integrated and secure platform that can be tailored to your exact needs.

Rainbow Classroom by Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise delivers a virtual classroom engine that integrates with your existing Learning Management System (LMS) and enriches it with real-time collaboration and communication capabilities. Everything you need in a virtual classroom, tailored to your requirements, using a web browser and internet connection.

We deliver real-time communication and collaboration capabilities to where your community is.

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  • Seamlessly create and manage virtual classrooms
  • Utilize real-time collaboration with audio/video, file share, screenshare, study groups, whiteboards, automatic attendance and more
  • Seamless integration with your existing LMS
  • Tailor to your evolving needs, now and in the future


  • Easy-to-use interface gives instructors control of audio/video, chat, screenshare, file share, student engagement, group creation, and access to attendance analytics
  • Classroom control allows students to chat, create study groups, control audio/video, screenshare, and file share
  • Whiteboard available in both study groups and classroom
  • Fully secure (E2E encryption, LTI standards and hosted on Rainbow HDS-certified solution)
  • Intuitive interface delivers easy on-boarding

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