Reinvent how your guests and staff connect in safe and meaningful ways. ALE solutions power immersive, mobile experiences to help hospitality thrive.

Hospitality establishments that transform now can thrive. Keep your guests close, safe and exceed their expectations with instant access to all amenities from their own devices. Plus, you can connect guests and staff by voice, easily and from anywhere. Optimise services now, control costs and gain insights to prepare for the future.

Our hospitality solutions help hotels, cruise ships and restaurants create a guest experience that is safe, mobile and unique. We deliver efficient communications for your team to better collaborate and focus on guests. A single intelligent network in the cloud connects and manages everything automatically, offering you invaluable guest insight.

A new, contactless guest experience

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Create immersive, meaningful digital experiences

  • Power direct, personalized, mobile and safe guest experiences anywhere in the customer journey
  • Create an unforgettable digital brand experience in all hotel spaces
  • Blend digital amenities with human services in high-quality communications
  • Offer high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity for all devices and IoT across the hotel
  • Connect and manage everything automatically and securely, in the cloud

Create personal, contact free digital guest experiences

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Can a contactless guest experience be superior? A digital experience on guest and hotel devices can help you do more than enforce new safety standards. It helps you understand guest behaviour at every stage of their journey. Engage directly with guests and personalize the experience.

When physical distance limits activities in lobbies and common spaces, digital amenities can expand your brand experience and create new revenue streams. Guests can enjoy preferred services and contact your teams from anywhere with Rainbow Guest Connect and Smart Guest Applications: their rooms, lobbies and other spaces around the hotel.

Digital amenities include high-touch services. High quality voice communications embedded in digital amenities maintain an authentic contact with your guests. Digital technology also provides your teams with advanced tools to anticipate guest needs and go beyond expectations.

A digital age network powers the new guest experience

High quality guest services on mobile devices and in smart rooms offer you an array of guest insights to support personalization and loyalty. These services depend on a highly secure and robust network.

A Digital Age Network ensures a high level of communications, mobility, quality of service and data security. For both your guests and your team. A digital age network will power high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity for all devices and IoT across your hotel. It will connect and manage everything automatically and securely in the cloud, so you can optimize costs and focus on your business. It also offers invaluable service-use insights to help you continuously transform your offers and build your future.

Here’s why Hospitality Customers choose ALE

Guests enjoy an array of services and live a unique experience:

  • 24/7 eConcierge services on mobile or room devices offer convenience and safety
  • Powerful and secure Wi-Fi ensures instant connectivity anytime, anywhere
  • Brand experience is consistent and immersive across all digital devices

Hotel staff work better in more efficient ways:

  • Adapted collaboration tools and devices enable better coordination and focus on guests

Managers embrace transformation with confidence:

  • Deep industry expertise supports your transformation at every step
  • Experience from thousands of hospitality projects ensure process and costs optimisation
  • Powerful guest insights will help you diversify your services and thrive

Discover our hospitality customer stories from around the world.

Featured customer: Okada Manila

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A converged network is key to being successful these days. We have to be able to plus in new devices, enable new features, give guests new experiences, be able to integrate different platforms. ALE provided redundancy and resiliency at all levels of the network. This was critical for us, as it provided high performance and highly resilient connectivity in the gaming area, the hotel and retail spaces.

Dries Scott, Chief Technology Officer, Okada Manila Resort

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