Enhance educational experiences through a student centric environment with cognitive communications and pervasive connectivity

Every university wants to provide an environment where students can explore and grow as individuals to become effective leaders in their chosen professions, valued community members, and responsible citizens. Campuses that embrace student-centric services support a student’s entire journey – from applicant to alumni – to empower success, retention and drive increased enrollment.

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise has created student-centric solutions that empower students to realize the full potential of their academic goals. Using nudge technologies, such as AI-enabled chatbots, virtual assistants, cognitive communications and location-based-services, makes it easy for universities to address their digital transformation goals.

Student-centric services empower personalization:

  • Provide nudge technologies
  • Enable a campus community
  • Optimize campus interactions through integration
  • Deliver personalized services
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Optimize the student journey for student success

Bring students, teachers and staff together with one mobile application

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Transform your campus for student success

Education Student Centricity focus topic #1

Create and transform personalized interactions on campus with nudge tech, a group of technologies that help achieve timely interactions with students, educators and staff. Nudge tech includes AI-enabled chatbots, predictive analytics applications and integration with applications such as LMS, ITSM, and SIS.

By deploying a common communication platform for the entire campus community, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise enables you to embrace new student requirements with reliable channels for timely, topical information and an identity that lasts from applicant to alumni.

In addition, cognitive communication integration enables a student-centered campus that makes it easy to work, study and communicate with administration and faculty. Integration allows you to create a ‘friction-less’ environment where students use common tools for all campus communications. Using multiple APIs for integration expands features to critical applications, like LMS, web pages, ITSM and SIS platforms.

Student success is also ensured with personalized alerts through location based services (LBS).  ALE’s LBS environment goes beyond ‘to-the-door directions’ by including geofencing for school promotions and personalized alerts during a campus crisis based on student location.


Customer Benefits

How do we help education customers?

Connected experiences: Alcatel-Lucent Rainbow communications platform streamlines a visitor’s web experience including sites for financial aid, admissions, help desk, and even the cafeteria menu. Rainbow AI-enabled chatbots connect the visitor to an expert for answers and information.

Improved communications: cognitive communications enable a personalized experience for students, visitors and guests. Rainbow Class improves remote student experiences by recreating the physical classroom through integration with LMS platforms, improved communications with ITSM and campus mobile app integration.

Personalized experiences: created for all visitors, guests, students, faculty and staff by enabling granular to-the-door directions and discrete location information.  Combining Location-based Services with geo-fencing technology facilitates personalized messages and information for everyone on campus.

Mentorship and experience: University Partnership Program provides students with real-world problem-solving experience developing cognitive communications and/or LBS technology solutions. ALE provides valuable mentorship, equipment and applications for students to create solutions and engage the business community.  Unleash the genius in your students!

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Student Centric Services and Campus Safety

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