Reconnect with your guests to offer them safety and excellence everywhere. The ALE guest experience places guests at the centre of your operations.

A direct guest connection helps you stand out and create loyalty. Your guests will enjoy instant access to amenities and staff from personal and room devices. Use data to continuously reinvent your experience and prepare for the future. You will respect safety regulations, create satisfaction and new revenues.

Our hospitality solutions help hotels, cruise ships and restaurants create a guest experience that is direct, mobile and safe. We deliver solutions providing a highly personalized mobile guest connection, powerful Wi-Fi connectivity and smart room experiences. Our solutions provide rich data so you can make informed business decisions.

Rainbow Guest Connect

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Create a direct connection to your guests to grow your business

  • A homogeneous digital experience on all devices and spaces reinforces your brand
  • An instant virtual concierge assists guests anytime, anywhere and keeps them safe
  • Guests consume preferred services and content thanks to powerful hotel Wi-Fi
  • Digital amenities on all hotel devices create new revenues
  • Analytics grow your guest intelligence and give you new services ideas

Make your guest the centre of your operations

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A digital guest experience reinforces your brand across all hotel spaces and devices. It helps you keep your guests close, wherever they are. And it minimizes face-to-face contact to keep everyone safe.

A virtual eConcierges such as Rainbow Guest Connect, connects your staff and your guests to offer services anytime, anywhere. Guests can contact you and consume services from their devices, your entertainment systems, in-room or hotel phones, thanks to the Smart Guest Applications.

A powerful and secure hotel Wi-Fi is a driver of loyalty and business. Guests enjoy your concierge app on their smart devices, consume preferred services and can contact your teams from anywhere. Guest personal data and business transactions data stay safe as connections to your hotel network are closely monitored.

Use digital guest service and data to grow

The convenience of digital amenities creates infinite business opportunities for hospitality. Guests can now order anything from anywhere, not just from your lobby or by using their room phone. Digital amenities also transform your loyalty programs. Rainbow Guest Connect allow you to personalise your offers based on every guest’s preferences, location and language.

Last but not least, digital service offers you invaluable data on how and when guests consume your services, what facilities they use most, and how they set up their rooms. Guest data can feed your loyalty program, help you make predictions about resources consumption, and decide future investments or developments.

Jeju Shinhwa World Resort plans to continue to improve its system to become a world-class smart hotel that provides the best customized service. In order to improve the guest service, we plan to upgrade the system to maximize digital interaction and to support custom services.

Lee Jongrae, Vice President IT, Landing Jeju Development Co. Ltd

Here is how Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise helps improve the guest experience

Guests enjoy convenience and readily available services:

  • 24/7 digital amenities and access to your staff from their own devices or any hotel device
  • Powerful connectivity in all hotel spaces gives access to preferred services and content

Managers grow business with digital amenities, a direct connection and data-based decisions:

  • Attract new and repeat visits with high safety standards
  • Enhance brand loyalty with a continuous guest connection
  • Create new revenues with digital amenities
  • Use data from digital amenities consumption to support loyalty programs and support business decisions

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