Optimize costs and accelerate the adoption of digital tools to help you emerge stronger as you adapt to the new normal

Over the past months, businesses of all sizes have had to deal with major disruptions in all aspects of the business, whether it’s how employees collaborate with each other, how they engage with their customers and even how their business is conducted. Organizations had to rapidly find ways to adapt and look for new ways to operate given the numerous restrictions mandated by the health crisis.

Now that the world is beginning to settle into a new rhythm, it is time to go back to the drawing board and reassess your options to define your “new normal”. Accelerate the adoption of digital tools – such as secure remote cloud-based communications, collaboration and networking solutions – has proven its benefits and is a solid investment towards business continuity.

Help us, help you to move forward.
We invite you to complete the short “Business Resiliency Assessment Questionnaire” so we can provide you with tailored recommendations. In appreciation for your time, we will send you the 1st edition of the Business Resiliency Report which compiles the initial responses received from organizations worldwide. This REPORT also includes a GUIDE providing business leaders with solutions and recommendations for adapting to today’s “new normal”.


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3 ways to help your business move forward and bounce back even faster

Optimize operations and spending

Leverage cloud communications, collaboration and network management solutions to keep employees connected anytime, from anywhere.

  • Save on maintenance costs (provisioning, upgrading and patching)
  • Reduce real estate costs. Increase the number of people who work from home.
  • Benefit from flexible pricing. Pay only for services used.
  • Manage your entire network remotely with a cloud-based network management system.

Adapt your work environment

The new normal means adhering to physical distancing rules and ensuring employees’ safety while maintaining a high level of customer service.

Define your new normal and:


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Strengthen your infrastructure

It takes a solid infrastructure to support new and future continuity requirements that deliver the personalized digital experience customers expect.

  • Migrate your communications systems to the latest releases to reinforce multi-channel capabilities and digitally engage with your customers
  • Integrate UCaaS services with business applications (CPaaS) to bring personalized customer service to the next level.
  • Upgrade your network to handle increases in traffic and prevent security breaches. Future-proof your network with high performance multi-gig switches (Alcatel-Lucent OmniSwitch 6560 and OmniSwitch 6860) and Wi-Fi 6 access points (Alcatel-Lucent OmniAccess Stellar) with built-in security.


Successfully transition to the “new normal of work”

"In the e-book “Enterprise Communications for the Era of the New Normal”  we are providing you with highlights and guidance on creating your own normal of work – delivering high customer service while keeping employees engaged and safe. 

“Enterprise communications in the new normal era” e-book
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Take your business forward in Industries
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Reenergize your organization

  • Upgrade your infrastructure to secure the network and communication systems
  • Optimize workflows with location-based services and connectivity API
  • Enable remote workers with the right communications and collaboration tools
  • Set up temporary triage, medical and test facilities
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Restore your passengers’ confidence

  • Increase your staff and passenger safety with notification services
  • Extend customer services with digital interactions
  • Upgrade your infrastructure to expand network connectivity
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Get back to school in the new normal

  • Be ready for new interactive learning requirements: on-campus and remote
  • Apply lessons learned and be prepared for the next test
  • Empower student success

Learn how

hospitality back to business

React, restore and thrive

  • Take advantage of low-occupancy to upgrade your guest experience
  • Be ready for new guest interaction requirements (contactless, paperless)
  • Optimize your operations and costs
public services back to office

Restore public services continuity

  • Upgrade and secure your network
  • Be ready for new interaction requirements: physical space and contactless welcome
  • Extend your services and facilities with digital interactions and connectivity
Business Resiliency Assessment Questionnaire

Help us help you define the best ways to move forward, optimize costs and increase competitiveness.

Identify your primary challenges in the brief questionnaire so that we can provide you with tailored recommendations to meet your requirements. In the meantime you will receive two white papers that may already answer some of your concerns.

All information provided will be kept confidential. We will use the data to produce a consolidated report to be shared with all participants without disclosing any personal information.

We thank you in advance for your input and remain ready to help you during this difficult time.

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