Make your school's network infrastructure dollars go further with ALE & E-rate.

E-rate is a program set up by the FCC to help every American school and library enter the information age by providing funds to subsidize the cost of advanced communications.

Leveraging our experience with E-rate, we've put together best practices on planning, product eligibility, and status. ALE has been a Service Provider for the E-rate program since its inception in 1998 - 498 ID (formerly SPIN) 143044191.

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise has a number of products that qualify for category 2 funding for internal connections including access points, switches, routers, and wireless controller systems. Our efficient, cost-effective OmniAccess Stellar wireless solutions do not require controllers. And to further help stretch your E-rate funds, we have special K12 SKUs for wired and wireless products with software and telephone support included.

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The Intelligent Campus podcast- E-Rate: The good, the bad, and the ugly

We were facing real challenges with an outdated network and an antiquated phone system. We were therefore extremely fortunate to partner with ALE to develop both short and long-term goals which addressed all of our challenges.

Mike Anderson, Director of Technology, Rockville Centre School District

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ALE has the experience and knowledge to:

  • Help you avoid costly mistakes
  • Get discounts to extend your budget and attain all the funds available to you
  • Demonstrate how you can successfully address E-rate challenges
  • Build a plan that uses Category 2 eligible products
  • Open up the full benefits of E-rate to your K-12 institution
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